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The Doctor Controls What Happens Through His Inkless Hymnals - Wednesday Shufflec

Somebody Get Me A Doctor by Van Halen.  Diamond Dave is extra Diamond-y on this one.  Michael Anthony smooths it out.  8.8 of 10.

Complete Control by The Clash.  Hey, it's The Clash playing punk music for a change.  Wasss up wit dat?  8.6 of 10.

Inkless by Smashing Pumpkins.  Billy is nearly melanin-less.  I can't speak to his tattoo situation.  He may be inkless.  He may not.  8.7 of 10.

Oheechee Hymnal by Baroness.  This song engenders no…


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All Signs Point To The Authority Taking A Positive Stand On War - Tuesday Shuffle

All Our Thoughts by Kadavar.  Tinny sludge.  It's not great.  7.0 of 10.

Stand by Schematic.  The beta male singer wimp ruins what would have been a moderately interesting rock song.  7.3 of 10.

Authority Song by John Mellencamp.  Now this is a toe tapping good time without a prissy mister of a singer being sad.  8.8 of 10.

War Again by Oingo Boingo.  This band is more than Dead Man's Party.  That more includes a whole lot of good.  8.7 of…


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See, Daddy Was Wrong About The Dead Fish In The Water - Monday Shuffle

Wrong by School Of Fish.  9.2 of 10.

Daddy Went Walkin' by Neil Young.  8.3 of 10.

See And Believe by Sevendust.  8.5 of 10.

Surprise! You're Dead! by Faith No More.  8.8 of 10.

Rise Up Dirty Waters by Tomahawk.  8.8 of 10.

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There Are Cage Fightin' Owls In Some Neighborhoods Of That City - Sunday Shuffle

Rusty Cage by Soundgarden.  9.3 of 10.

Neighborhood #4 (Kettles) by Arcade Fire.  7.7 of 10.  

Street Fightin' Man by Lynch Mob.  8.3 of 10.

Stork & Owl by TV On The Radio.  8,8 of 10.

Chocolate City by Parliament.  8.7 of 10.

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A Prideful Man That Methodically Shakes His Rugs Is No Fun - Thursday Shuffle

Dreamin' Man by Neil Young.  9.1 of 10.

I Take A Lot Of Pride In Who I Am by Merle Haggard.  Hobo songs are always wonderful.  9.1 of 10.

Method by Living Colour.  8.8 of 10.

Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire).  8.9 of 10.

Winter Shaker by Woven Hand.  8.8 of 10.

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The Hard And Fast Truth Will Bring My Brother To Make Changes By 6 O'clock - Wednesday Shuffle

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.  9.2 of 10.

Brother by Pearl Jam. 8.0 of 10.

La Hora de la Verdad by Escape.  7.6 of 10.

Bringin' On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard.  9.2 of 10.

Rhyme O'Clock by Wordburglar.  7.6 of 10.

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While Jane Was Wrapped Up In Petty Drama Dick Became Unbalanced - Tuesday Shuffle

BU2B by Rush.  Clockwork Angels is their best work.  (Controversy!)  9.0 of 10.

Wrap Her Up by Elton John.  It's an unspoken rule that Elton John is above criticism.  6.5 of 10.

Unbalanced Pieces by Soulsavers.  Lanegan is quite the soul singer.  8.8 of 10.

In A Little While by U2.  It's an unspoken rule that U2 is above criticism.  6.8 of 10.

Dick & Jane by Sidney York.  This bitch ain't above shit.  This song sounds like it…


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It's Foolish To Stew In Fury And Loneliness - Monday Shuffle

Rainbow Stew by Merle Haggard.  9.3 of 10.

Now I'm A Fool by Eagles Of Death Metal.  8.8 of 10.

S.A.T.O. by Ozzy Osbourne.  9.0 of 10.

Lonely by Rollins Band.  7.0 of 10.

The Fury by Cello Fury.  8.8 of 10.

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I Know A Guy Whose Fantasy Is To Walk A Few Miles In Dreamy High Heeled Shoes - Sunday Shuffle

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere by Dwight Yoakam.  9.4 of 10.

The Red Shoes by Kate Bush.  7.4 of 10.

Dream Come True '92 by The Brand New Heavies.  7.7 of 10.

I Don't Know (Live) by Ozzy Osbourne.  9.3 of 10.

FANTAHSEA by Vockah Redu.  This is trash music for garbage people.  It's an around orgy of rubbish.

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We Were Laughing At The Dictator's Little Red Hat Crushing His Bouffant Hairdo - Thursday Shuffle

Dictatosaurus by Probot.  8.8 of 10.

Color Me Blood Red by Converge.  7.0 of 10.

Away We Go by Coheed & Cambria.  8.8 of 10.

Crushing Day by Joe Satriani.  8.8 of 10.

Little Too Late by Nick Bluhm And The Gramblers.  7.1 of 10.

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I Wonder If The Fire Hot Summer Will Reduce The Cadaver To Dust - Wednesday Shuffle

Seas Of Fire by W.A.S.P.  So I added a center channel speaker with slightly beefier mid range woofers today.  It has added a really enjoyable warmth to the overall sound of the system.  It's especially noticeable on bass heavy tracks like this'un.  It enhances the awesome.  9.1 of 10.  

Indian Summer by Duff McKagan's Loaded.  More enhanced awesome.  I hope Duff puts out more stuff.  It's just as good as Slash's recent output.  8.9 of 10.

Sabbra Cadabra by…


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You'll Need To Stop Rolling And Tweaking To Climb Out Of The Fire Of Addiction - Tuesday Shuffle

Take The Addiction by W.A.S.P.  The overtly filthy W.A.S.P. is mostly silly.  I dig the straight up rock songs and the overtly sappy ballads more.  7.9 of 10.

Still Climbing by Cinderella.  Run of the mill bluesy cheese.  They are usually better.  7.9 of 10.

Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) by Alabama.  I'd still like country music if the "popification" ended with Alabama.  8.9 of 10.

On The Tweak Again by Primus.  For being a San Francisco fancy man,…


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The State Is Narrowing Its Requirements For The Perfect Back Whipping - Monday Shuffle

Narrow Salient by Scale The Summit.  7.7 of 10.

Bring It On Back by JET.  7.8 of 10.

The Whip Hand by The Mars Volta. 7.6 of 10.

Non-State Actor by Soundgarden.  8.6 of 10.

Perfect Kiss by New Order.  7.4 of 10.

What a snoozer of a shuffle.  It's kinda telling that the most interesting and innovative song comes from the reunion album of a band that got it's start 25 years ago.c

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Evil Children Are Unemployable But Can Be Used As Bait In Star Traps - Sunday Shuffle

Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses.  9.3 of 10.

Am I Evil by Metallica.  9.3 of 10

Star 69 by R.E.M..  8.4 of 10.

Trap by The Cure.  8.5 of 10.

Unemployable by Pearl Jam.  8.8 of 10.

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I'm Kinda Like An Alchemist But I Love Turning Lumpia And Other Things Into Handbags - Thursday Shuffle

The Alchemist by Iron Maiden.  It's an 80's flavored recent Iron Maiden song.  There's an odd aftertaste though.  8.6 of 10.

Handbags & Gladrags by Rod Stewart.  Damn, Rod Stewart is a top notch soul singer.  9.0 of 10.

Senor Limpia by Corrosion Of Conformity.  COC is a hardened Skynyrd.  They're good too.  8.7 of 10.

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' by Journey.  This is the shittiest Journey song.  6.5 of 10.

Minor Thing by Red Hot…


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I Like My Weather Filled With Sunshine And My Romance With Slaves - Wednesday Shuffle

Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves.  9.0 of 10.

Your Weather by Dinosaur Jr.  8.6 of 10.

Romance Op. 50 by Beethoven.  9.1 of 10.  Yup, only 1% better than Walking on Sunshine.  Take it to the bank, Chester.

Me Myself And I by DeLaSoul.  9.1 of 10.  Yup, it's Romance Op. 50's equal.

Slave By Weezer.  8.4 of 10.

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Ahh, Nature. Roses Are Beautiful And A Falling Rock Will Put You In A Coffin - Tuesday Shuffle

Natural Beauty by Neil Young.  9.2 of 10.

Baby's First Coffin by The Dillinger Escape Plan.  8.7 of 10.

Flip Flop Rock by Big Boi Feat. Killer Mike & Jay-Z.  8.9 of 10,

Falling In Hate by Five Finger Death Punch.  8.2 of 10.

Rose Colored Glasses by School Of Fish.  9.1 of 10.

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The Elderly Can Avoid The Bad Effects Blackouts By Using Moon Light In A Country Field - Monday Shuffle

Big Bad Moon by Joe Satriani.  7.1 of 10.

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town by Pearl Jam.  9.1 of 10.

Fly Me To The Moon by Bobby Womack.  9.0 of 10.

Blackout by Breathe Carolina.  Terrible and not worthy of numeric judgement.

If That Ain't Country by David Allan Coe.  9.0 of 10.

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Navigating His Slobby Work Area Is A Hellish Time Drain - Sunday Shuffle

Day's Work by ASG.  8.6 of 10.

See You In Hell by The Grim Reaper.  9.0 of 10.

His Rest by Wovenhand,  9.0 of 10.

Your Time Has Come by Audioslave.  9.0 of 10.

Slob by Weezer.  8.7 of 10.

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The King Had An Encounter With A Strange Swine Like Creature - Thursday Shuffle

In A Close Encounter by Soilwork.  7.8 of 10.

Stranger Things Have Happened by Foo Fighters.  8.7 of 10.

Creature Lives by Mastodon.  8.4 of 10.

Pearls Before Swine by Corrosion Of Conformity.  8.4 of 10.

King by King's X.  8.4 of 10.

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