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Russian Machines Are Better Off As Arm Chairs - Tuesday Shuffle

Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine - The Nightwatchman.  If Bob Dylan and Tony Iommi had sex an angry communist named Tom Morello would be born from the union.  This song is actually pretty fun despite the lefty leanings.


Russian Roulette - Rihanna.  This chick is as close to an old school soul singer as anyone else these days. Fantastic voice.  It doesnt hurt that she's easy to look at either.


Better Off - Foo Fighters.  Bonus song off of the Wasting Light…


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Can't Wait To Win And Get My Whiskey On - Monday Shuffle

Further On (Up The Road) - Bruce Springsteen.  Very close to old Bruce but at the same time too much like a CCR song.


I Can't Wait - J. Mascis.  One of the better tracks on J's solo album.  A little better structure than some of the aimless tracks here.


Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica.  This is THE best cover of WIJ.  Thin Lizzy fans might argue but they're wrong.  They're also annoying for having the gall to question my opinion.  I want to produce my rapier…


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I Am A Man With Powerful Arms - Thursday Shuffle

I Am I - Queensryche.  Ah, Promised Land.  This album tried to be grungy but kinda failed.  I listened to it fairly often when it came out but it just wasn't what I want with an Queensryche album.  It'll be a while before I bring this album up in a non-shuffle setting.


Be A Man - Tesla.  Tesla is a producer.  Can't think of a single album that I dislike.  Good old fashioned rock n' roll can't be beat.


Eat Me Up Alive - Ratt.  Hell of a metal song from a band…


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Super Stevie's Regrettable Fox Clothing - Wednesday Shuffle.

Super Bass - Nicki Minaj.  There is no reason that I should be listening to this.  It is, at best, okay.


A Wolf In Geek's Clothing - The Naked And Famous.  Been digging female fronted rock bands lately. This song and band is fairly new to me but will definitely make more time with the album soon.


Blackbird And The Fox - The Twilight Singers.  "I'll make them bleed for my baby bird" is my favorite lyric in any song ever.   It's obsessive, loving, and psychotic…


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Mother Stays Away From Libras And Rockstars - Tuesday Shuffle.

I Stay Away - Alice In Chains.  Damn, just when I was thinking that Nutshell is their greatest accomplishment this one has to pop up.  It really might be the pinnacle of AIC domination.  Cinematic and more than a little spooky.


Mother - Danzig.  This is the only Danzig song I own.  It may be a disappointment if I dive too deeper into their catalog.  Can't imagine them doing anything better than this.  All around superb.


3 Libras - A Perfect Circle.  Jeez, I'm…


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Looking For Your Weighty Dreams - Monday Shuffle.

We're Not Alone - Peeping Tom.  The best song on the best post Faith No More album by Mike Patton.  It's aggressive and melodic and a little weird.  I'm bending the shuffle rules and going to listen to it twice.


These Dreams - Jim Croce.  Jim was kind of a sentimental pussy but, damn, homie could write a song. 


Looking For Love - King's X.  Good use of "wall of noise" on this track.  King's X doesn't use it too often but always do it well.  It's a nice break…


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Sunflowers On The Way Up Flaming Grapevines - Sunday Shuffle.

She Gave Good Sunflower - Black Crowes.  Just last night I had a conversation about my dislike of jam bands.  Phish, Widespread and the like are garbage but the southern rock bands that play with jam are the domination.  There is real feeling, soul in this song.


Narcosis - Tomahawk.  It's a muted trip of a song with a shitty Native American inspired chant.  Peyote doesn't intrigue me in the least bit and neither does the audio version.  Next.


On My Way Up -…


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Judith Has Fallen Deep Looking At Molecules - Friday Shuffle.

Looks That Kill - Motley Crue.  Mick Mars is a riff machine.  This one is on par with anything Tony Iommi ever came up.


The Demiurge Molecule -  Dimmu Borgir.  It's the tolerable Norwegien black metal masters!  The Cookie Monster vocals are kept to a minimum but the synth is somewhat annoying. Dig the real horns though.


Judith - A Perfect Circle.  The most "Tool-y" song on Mer De Noms bit still distinct.  


Deep End - School Of Fish.  This band…


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Angels And God Promised Fringes - Thursday Shuffle

Summer Angel - Minus The Bear.  Really great band.  Reminds me of Ben Folds but with a little more punch.  


Too Late Too Late - Metallica.  Metallica covering Motorhead is a can't fail scenario.

Higher Than God -…


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Angels And God Promised Fringes - Thursday Shuffle

Summer Angel - Minus The Bear.  Really great band.  Reminds me of Ben Folds but with a little more punch.  


Too Late Too Late - Metallica.  Metallica covering Motorhead is a can't fail scenario.

Higher Than God -…


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See The Young Pink Glued and Crucified - Wednesday Shuffle

Unglued - Stone Temple Pilots.  hmmm, I like it enough but don't love it.  It's been a while since I've listened.  Seems a lot simpler than I remember. 


Pink & Blue - Outkast.  Love it.  It's nothing like rap or jazz or pop or anything else but remains stellar.


Crucified - Sevendust.  Animosity might be my favorite Sevendust album.  I can do without the angry white guy rapping though.  


Now You See It (Now You Don't) - Ozzy Osbourne.  The…


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Afraid Of Shine And Rust And Light - Tuesday Shuffle.

Shine - Sevendust.  Probably my favorite Sevendust song.  Soulful, melodic, hard driving.  I say "soulful" because that's what you're supposed to say when the singer is black but don't want to appear racist.


Keep The Light On - Jerry Cantrell.  This one hasnt popped up in ages.  Forgot how much I like it.  Boggy Depot really is good, top to bottom.  


Are We Afraid - Toad The Wet Sprocket.  Sappy bullshit that I could do without right now.  Whiny crap that guys…


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A Tale Of God's Heart Breaking Hubris. Thursday Shuffle.

Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar.  No no no.  Pat doesnt have any definable voice talent and isn't good looking but people love her.  I'm among those people.  Good song!


Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial) - Coheed & Cambria.  It's been a while since I've had C&C show up.  Love it!  This song is as good as any they've put out.  Too bad about their druggy bassist.  Bassists in any band should be able to afford all the smack they need.  


Hubris - Ice…


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Susie's Dead. DOA. Kicked the bucket. Hit with a bullet. Tuesday Shuffle.

DOA - Foo Fighters.  Damn fine rock song.  Somehow the Foo Fighters have remained one of my favorite bands for 15 years.  Great rock songs mixed with really progressive tracks does it.


Bullet With Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins.  Here's a great example of the opposite.  Loved me some Smashing Pumpkins in the mid 90's but they've continually put out shit.  Too busy being weird for the sake of being weird it seems.  This song isnt the greatest on the album but it's…


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Things You See On The Right Side Of The Pillow - Monday Shuffle

The Right Side Of My Mind - Queensryche.  Recent Geoff Tate is an annoying vocalist.  He tries too hard.  Boring, predictable, meh.


Pillow - Queensryche.  I may be progged out.  This one is too plodding, not enough direction.


The Perfect County And Western Song - David Alan Coe.  Thank goodness.  It's like a lemon sherbet.  Cleaned the palate nicely.  It really is the best country and western song if you were curious.


See You - Dinosaur Jr.  I…


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Please Grace, Harvest The Monkey - Wednesday Shuffle

Falling Into Grace - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  RHCP were at one time my favorite band.  These days it's sounding dated and uninspired.  Guess my new hipster is trying to push out my old hipster.  Nostalgia has few merits.  


Please Stay (Once You Go) - Twilight Singers.  A Marvin Gaye cover.  The Twilight Singers produced an equal version.  Not better but every bit as good.  


S.M.F. - Twisted Sister.  A failed shot at an anthem.  The production is shitty and the…


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Never Loved Television Years - Tuesday Shuffle

Silent All These Years - Tori Amos.  I'd totally sniff any piano bench she uses.  She grinds her special place with skill.  Her scent has to be infused.  This song is nice too.


Throw Away Your Television.  The shittiest song on By The Way.  Total filler.  The oi oi oi part is a rage sparker.


Be Good To Yourself - Journey.  It is most definitely not a greatest hit, Journey.  At best, it's an stained tie that only matches one suit in the closet but you kinda…


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Think About Your Damaged Savior - Monday Shuffle.

Damage Case - Metallica.  Most obvious display in the catalog of Newsted's considerable talents.  It's a shame that Metallica's best album of the 90's was a bunch of covers.


My Favorite Things - Outkast.  I really miss experimental rap.  Andre and Q-Tip were the best at this kind of stuff.  Andre takes the edge because he used actual instruments in the arrangements.  This song is a bit too jazzy but the beat works.


Your Savior - Temple Of The Dog.  After a new…


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