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Destroyed Centuries Coming - Tuesday Shuffle

Centuries of Sin - Probot.  Grohl does metal just as well as he does rock.  This shit is the domination.


Seek and Destroy - Metallica.  Some live version I snagged from their website.  Live music never translates well.


40 - U2.  Havent heard this song in at least 20 years.  Bono wants me to sing for Jesus or something.  Meh.


Death of Me - Red.  I almost like this song.  The 00's brand of rock singer just grates on me though.  It's like they…


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Friendly Dissent In The Company - Thursday Shuffle

Gonna See My Friend - Pearl Jam.  I really like the production on this song.  Crisp.  Otherwise, it's obnoxiously silly.  My 9 year old nephew says similar things.


Dissident - Pearl Jam.  I was in college when this came out.  My grunginess cannot be questioned because of it.


Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch.  These guys want to be Metallica so bad that it's an embarrassment.  There are much better 70's songs to cover, songs that dont sound exactly like…


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Crazy Gorilla Arms and Butts - Wednesday Shuffle

Guerrilla Monsoon Rap - Talib Kweli.  Love it when rappers name check wrestlers.  We're not so different, me and Talib.


The Ballad of Johnny Butts - Sublime.  Catchy goodness.  I think the college kids still listen to Sublime.


Crazy - WASP.  One of the newest WASP songs that has turned into one of my FAVORITE all time WASP songs.  It's great when the elderly rockers with pendulous man tits break out something more than worth while.  Big ups to Blackie and his…


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Late Sons with Shady Cars Tuesday Shuffle

Wild Hearted Son - The Cult.  The Cult at it's finest.  One of my favorite tracks.


Casting Shade - Shadows Fall.  Another Shadows Fall song I'm not familiar with.  So far sounds very Metallica-esque.  Sanitarium style.  Not bad.


Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major, Op 55 - Beethoven.  Beethoven always brings the goodies.


Sooner or Later - King's X.  It has what I like about King's X but for some reason I don't get it.  On the upside, Dogman will be…


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Photographs of Aliens, Pigs and Men - Monday Shuffle

Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani.  My official soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. 2.  Fantastic album, fantastic song.


Photographs and Memories - Jim Croce.  Sappy at it's best.  Jim Croce always gets me right in the gut.


War Pigs - Faith No More.  It's probably blasphemy but I prefer this version over the original.


Sublime - The Twilight Singers.  I dont care for Joseph Arthur's falsetto.  He ruined their first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel…


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Smoking Chaos Friday Shuffle.

True Love Way - Kings Of Leon.  Nice way to start a shuffle!  Nothing but praise.


Falling Down - Queensryche.  Kinda scattered but still one of their better post Empire efforts.


Breakout - Foo Fighters.  A bit too poppy for me but still good.


Dialectic Chaos - Megadeth.  Probably the best song on End Game.  Great riff.


Smoke - Ben Folds Five.  Emo.  Not feeling particularly Emo today but the song is solid.

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Where Is Thomas' Lovely Chair Edition - Thursday Shuffle

Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne.  This song has never made me want to kill myself or drink to excess.  I have gotten a boner listening to it though.


Where Are You - J Mascis.  One of the better tracks on his solo album.  Not as "jammy" as some of the other songs.  Pretty good harmonizing on this one and an electric solo.


Underwater Love - Faith No More.  Hinting at what's to come with Angel Dust.  VERY good song!


The Chair - Living Colour.  LC…


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God's Golden Age of Freewill - Wednesday Shuffle

Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses.  People say they get tired of this song.  People are liars.  Favorite bass line ever.


Oh My God - Sixx A.M.  It's growing on me.  I dig it.


Freewill - Rush.  I was just thinking of my ultimate prog playlist and this song was on it.  Geddy can rock it.


You My Flower - Forcefield On.  A cover of a decent Afghan Whigs song done not so decently.  The hipster vocals kinda piss me off.…


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Hopeful Pirates Sometimes Get In Accidents - Tuesday Shuffle

There's Been An Accident - Twilight Singers.  One of the few inorganic, forced Twilight songs.  It's good enough, just a bit plastic.


Sometimes - Pearl Jam.  No Code gets a bad rap.  It's a great album and this song is great itself.


Pirate By Thirty - Ice Palace.  Hipster douchebaggery that's not always my cup of tea but this song is tolerable.


Tell Her About It - Billy Joel.  Nice surprise!  This is a toe tapper AND a finger…


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Die - Pain - Blood. Monday Shuffle

Forever - Skid Row.  I have never heard this song until this very moment.  Picked up a Skid Row "best of" a couple of weeks back and this was on it.  Two shades above good with shades of excellent.


Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves.  I'm dancing!  I dance just like The Jerk.  Glad I'm alone.


Die Walkure - Wagner.  Hitler and I have Wagner boners in common.  That's it though.  I swear!


House of Pain - Van Halen.  No complaints when DLR…


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Spaceship Taking Me Up And Down Shuffle - Friday

Closer - Kings of Leon.  This spooky tone pretty cool and works.


Pick Me Up - Dinosaur Jr.  Dinosaur Jr has been coming up with a decent frequency lately.  It makes me happy.


Don't Let Me Down - Twisted Sister.  Too demo-y sounding.  An outside producer should have punched it up.


Caught Up In A Dream - Tesla.  No complaints.  It's Tesla!


Apollo I, The Writing Writer -Coheed & Cambria.  The names of C&C songs always…


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Riding With My Unchained Self In Mississippi Shuffle - Thursday

Riding On The Wind - Judas Priest.  Amateurish.  Always thought JP sounded like a bar band.


Me, Myself and I - De La Soul.  Love it.  One of the best rap songs ever.


All Those Yesterdays - Pearl Jam.  There is nary a better band but I'm just not feeling this song right now.


Unchained - Johnny Cash.  Not to be an ass, but I was hoping for some harder edged rock today.  Any other time I'd be singing the praises of…


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Peaceful Stone Slinger Shuffle - Wednesday

You Lookin' At Me Lookin' At You - Ozzy Osbourne.  Slow and not that great.  The solo is okay.


Peace On Earth - U2.  I dont think this has ever come up on a shuffle and I know that I've never intentionally played it.  U2 is definitely a once in a while proposition.


Jizzlobber - Faith No More.  Great song with a funny name.


Carve Away The Stone - Rush.  Rush is definitely a daily proposition.  Nothing fantastic here but still enjoyable to any…


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Bodies Filled With Eyes Shuffle - Tuesday

Fill Her Up - Sting.  A really good country song from an English dude.  Who would have thought?


Bodies - Smashing Pumpkins.  Probably the hardest rocking song on Mellon Collie.  Glad to hear it in fact.


Help Is On The Way - Sixx A.M.  I've only been through the CD once and wasn't fully impressed but I'm liking this song quite a bit.  Nice and varied instrumentation.  Poppy chorus.


The Idiot Box - Shadows Fall.  Great Metallica influenced jam.…


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Monday Pod Shaking Shuffle.

Out Ta Get Me - Guns N' Roses.  Axl is fuckin' innocent.  One of the lesser songs on Appetite.  


Coming 2 America - Ludacris.  I'm kinda embarrassed that I liked this 10 years ago.  This is shitty.


Real Grrrl - The Cult.  Ah, The Cult trying to be Pearl Jam.  It's okay.


Unemployable - Pearl Jam.  I like the self titled album quite a bit.  


Flashback - Twilight Singers.  Mark Lanegan takes lead vocals on this song from the EP…


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Friday's Funky Salty People Shuffle

Ocean Breathes Salty - Modest Mouse.  This song has pretty much everything I want.  Wish they could have repeated the tone one later releases.


Renegades Of Funk - Rage Against The Machine.  Tom Morello knows his instrument.  Hope they put out some new music.


Lightning Bulb - Dinosaur Jr.  Off a later release but it sounds like an organic late 80's college rock song with some talent behind it.


Night People - Dio.  I will punch a motherfucker in…


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Hold On Cool Breeze Shuffle

Say Your Prayers - Bullet Boys.  I kinda disliked this band in the late 80's but they've grown on me since.  Marq Torien is a prancing dandy on stage but he does it like a man.


Naturally High - The Cult.  One of the better tracks on their self titled CD.  Progressive bass line and great guitar tone.


New Cannonball Blues - TV On The Radio.  Completely let down by the newest CD.  Completely uninspired.


Your House - Jimmy Eat World.  JEW usually…


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Drugged Babies By Decision Edition Shuffle

Your Decision - Alice In Chains.  Havent spent too much time with Black Gives Way To Blue since I got it.  Aint bad.  The new guy is good.  Decent harmonizing.


Knocked Up - Kings Of Leon.  Damn.  Why couldnt they give us more of this on the new album.  With all sincerity, I love this song.


Dosed - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Good mid tempo song.  Used to be completely enthralled by this.  It's more background music these days.


Brain Fuckler Theme -…


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Keep Bailing On Ice Cream Shuffle On A Tuesday

Annie Mae - The Twilight Singers.  Recently put a bunch of uncompressed songs on the ol' iPod.  This is one of them.  Never heard the effects heavy bass on it before.  Cool.  Seeing them on Thrusday too!


Can't Get Enough - Winger.  Ah, one of the songs that feeds into the poppy bullshit Winger was known for.  Don't care for it.


Half-steering Half-eating Ice Cream - The Neptunes.  Always really like this song, can't put my finger on why though.  Fun song I…


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Troubling Yet Peaceful Straws Edition

It's Sunday night and I got nothin' better to do. Here's a shuffle.


Shortest Straw - Metallica. Love this song but the drumming seems less than inspired. Not a lot of fills. Lars may suck a bit.


Special Cases (Akufen Remix) - Massive Attack. Remixes almost always suck.


Peace Sells - Megadeth. Ah, I was just thinking of this song. See above (First line).


Times of Trouble - Temple of the Dog. Pearl Jam fronted by Chris Cornell…


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