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You Will Sin Inside The Warlocks Hot Jungle - Monday Shuffle

Am I Inside - Alice In Chains.  Everything off of SAP is more than excellent.  The whispering harmony is spooky perfection.  The subdued piano.... brilliant.  I'd make this song my wife if such a thing was allowed.  Oh snap, I forgot about the Wilson sister guesting on backups.  Not a whole lot of things are better than a Wilson sister on backups.

Hot For Teacher - Van Halen.  The drum solo at the beginning confounds and excites me.  That shouldn't be a possible task for a…


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Car Sensors Take People On The Street Into Consideration - Sunday Shuffle

Workin' At The Car Wash Blues - Jim Croce.  The happiest sad song ever.

Parting Of The Sensory - Modest Mouse.  The energy level just isn't up to snuff on this one.  Maybe I'd enjoy it more in a different mindset.  Okay, it builds nicely, finding it's footing.  Massive nice squared.

People As Places As People - Modest Mouse.  After that last song I'm definitely in a Modest Mouse mood.  Glad this came up.

Street Fightin' Man - Lynch Mob.  My…


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They're Giving Away Free Bullets For The Insane - Thursday Shuffle

Bullethead - Van Halen.  This new disc is harder than I expected.  The Dave-isms are thick on Bullethead though.  Other than that, it's an aggressive foot to the groin of a song.

I'm Insane - Dinosaur Jr.  This is my favorite Dinosaur Jr. song.  The trumpet, while not a traditional rock instrument, fits perfectly with the DJ sound.  Of course that full wonderful wall of fuzzy guitar is still there so the trumpet might just be a distraction for the usual.  Nah, this is the…


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It Was A Long Workday For the Young Belles - Tuesday Shuffle

All My Life - Foo Fighters.  Rock!  For a supposed middle of the road rock band, the Foos sure amp me up.  Can't think of another mainstream band that has that effect on me.  Good stuff.

Everlong - Foo Fighters.  Hmm.  Still the best song of the 90's.  You can't argue with me on that.  I would take this song over any family member's pet.

Belles - Gutter Twins.  For almost a solid year, I fell asleep to this song playing on the iPod.  Now I have a Pavlovian…


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The Children Said Goodbye Before The Volcanic Fire Stirred Up The Night - Monday Shuffle.

Children Of The Night - Whitesnake.  Probably the most rocking song and a supremely rocking disc.  That kind of 80's rhythm guitar work (sludgy like Ratt and some Dokken) is my favorite.  If I was a child of the night I would be perpetually ready to rock.

Goodbye Hooray - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  First time hearing this song.  The shitty Kiedis rap isn't on this one.  I like it.  I'm also liking the new guitarist.  He's no Frusciante but he's also no Navarro (good thing).  Flea…


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Faint Memories Of London's Big Ben Are No Illusion - Sunday Shuffle

Memories Are Made Of This - Johnny Cash.  Wonderful little waltz.  Simplicity was Johnny's strong suit.

The Velorium Camper I: Faint Of Hearts - Coheed & Cambria.  I saw a Cambria Hotel Saturday and took a picture.  Prog pop might be the best genre in the history of recorded music.  Even the Cu-Cu-Ca-Choo is tolerable in this song.

No No No - Def Leppard.  Def Leppard needs to revisit this hard rock stuff again.  Hell, this is damn near their greatest work…


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Lucy's Mother Is Dumb For Giving Speeches To Shadows - Tuesday Shuffle

Free Speech For The Dumb - Metallica.  Not the best track on Garage Inc.

Lucy - Candlebox.  I dig it more than some, less than others.  Complete middle of the road song I guess.

Present Tense - Pearl Jam.  No Code is better than most give it credit for.  Between this and In My Tree it's every bit as good as Yield and blows Binaural and Riot Act out of the water. 

Mother Maria - Slash (Feat. Beth Hart).  It's a good enough song but I waffle on…


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Kate Loves The Devil Below - Monday Shuffle

Pop 1 - Tomahawk.  One of the better tracks on the self titled disc.  Starts off moody and understated but builds nicely to a frenetic, mosh worthy loss of sanity.  This beat should have won Mike a Grammy.  

Kate - Ben Folds Five.  Meh, I've lost interest in Ben Folds Five as of late.  This song was great two years ago but is lackluster today.

40 Below - David Lee Roth.  This album came out much later in DLR's solo career but is enjoyable nonetheless.  Guess…


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Accessing Dreams While On Pepper Could Be The End Of Everything - Sunday Shuffle

Dream In My Life - King's X.  The self titled album gets a bad wrap among the die hard fans but I've always dug it.  It's not Gretchen quality but there is plenty to enjoy, including this song.  The rock is undeniable.

The Beginning Of The End - Twilight Singers.  The wall of sound stuff combined with the falsetto creates an almost ethereal mood.  Not ethereal as in heavenly, more spacey, devoid of spirit but consumed with feeling.  Good stuff.

Pepper - Butthole…


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Do Not Put The Magic Shoes On Your Hands - Wednesday Shuffle

Shoes - King's X.  Nice harmonizing happening on this one.  Doug gets all soulful with the lead vocals too.  Shoes is a standout song from a standout band.

Magic Fire Music - Wagner.  Wonderful.  Wunderbar.  The music, not Wagner's politics.

Crumble - Dinosaur Jr.  Congrats to me!  I spelled dinosaur without feeling self conscious about it and without looking it up.  The last two albums form Dinosaur Jr. are among my favorites.  Seems like J. has found a level…


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Dolls Should Not Be Given To Gunslingers On The 13th - Tuesday Shuffle

The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica.  This is the song that separates Master from Justice.  It doesn't really fit the rest of the album.  On its own, its a good enough song but compared to the rest of the album it falls flat.  There aren't the same kind of low spots on Justice.

Little Dolls - Ozzy Osbourne.  I like this song even though I don't know it by heart.  It's kinda disjointed but works well enough.

Gravemakers & Gunslingers - Coheed &…


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They Favor Hollow Houses But Like Riding In Sunshine - Monday Shuffle

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves.  I'm trying to type in a regular, steady way but the beat is infectious.  Typing away to the beat is kinda fun!  Whoa-oh-oh YEAH!  I'd dance here in the living room but I fear my dog's judgement.  A+ of a song.

What It's Like - Everlast.  Dirty, dread-locked and full of mange is a good way to describe the kittens that have taken up residence here on my property.  They'll go away if I ignore them, right?  I hope to never find out…


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Sunday Shuffle

Mr. Scary - Dokken.  This is all George Lynch.  The name Dokken is irrelevant here.  ROCK!  Mick Brown and Jeff Pilson are bringing the goodness too.

Step Into The Light - The Afghan Whigs.  Not feeling it right now.  Best heard in the full context of the album.

They Ride - Twilight Singers.  Powder Burns is my least favorite Dulli fronted album.  This song is one of my least liked on Powder Burns.  Meh.

Custom Concern - Modest Mouse.  Another…


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The Sword Offers The World Insanity, Blood And Salvation - Thursday Shuffle

New World Order (Demo) - Megadeth.  Nicely produced for a demo.  Still lots of room for improvement though.

Sweet Salvation - The Cult.  Good ballad.  The black woman chorus is a bit much.  Got notice from Ticketmaster that they are playing in my area again soon.  They were played the same venue a little over a year ago.  They must do well there.  I will definitely be be there.

The Hound (Of Blood And Rank) - Coheed & Cambria.  Just ordered the two disc's of…


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My Heart And Mind Was Sentenced To Death By The Cavalry. Wednesday Shuffle

Pop Shit - Old Dirty Bastard/Neptunes.  The absolute greatest ODB song.  They lyric "coked out in Peru" is fantastic.  "They tried to kill O in prison, yo" is equally fantastic.  Great production too.

Hot To Death - Everlast.  Metal flavored hip hop.  It isn't always a bad thing.  Everlast is a rocker at heart and gets a rock pass when he ventures into the rock realm.   ROCK!

Cavalries - Mute Math.  Got this album on a bit of a whim but I'm glad I did.  If they…


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Home Schooling Saves Money But Destroys Hollywood - Tuesday Shuffle

Ah Ha - Butthole Surfers.  Best song on Electriclarryland.  Even better than Pepper.  It's refined punk.  Most punk could use a little refining.  Raw punk is tough to swallow.

Destroyer Of Senses - Shadows Fall.  Metal, on the other hand, can be too refined.  This is outright over produced.  Any aggression has been sanitized to the point of annoyance.  Shadows Fall would be better served with a different producer.

Home Sick Home - Faith No More.  Good song but…


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The Rocket Burned Toward The Star, Striking With A Sensational Explosion - Monday Shuffle

Wicked Sensation - Lynch Mob.  Nice riff there Lynchy.  Don't know if I like Oni Logan as a vocalist though.  He's very... um...  bland.  Luckily George can rock shit correct like.  That being said, the blues break in the middle nearly ruins the song.  Blues breaks aren't good for anything other than pissing me off.

Surgical Strike - Queensryche.  Rage is the domination and Surgical Strike is a decent chunk of the dominion of domination.  I can't put my finger on it but…


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The Train Always Stops On Time At The Welfare Motel In Kalamazoo - Sunday Shuffle

Hate Train - Metallica.  Beyond Magnetic might be better than Death Magnetic.  It's not Justice quality but it definitely rocks harder than a hard rock.  Or something.  Aside from the quality of rockitude here, Hate Train is a deviant sex act that involves at least three people and two races.  This kind of music would have saved the Black album in my mind.

Kalamazoo - Primus.  The place specific Primus songs are always gems.  Small cities and towns are filled with interesting…


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