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Fire Cooked Puddin' From The Shack Shuffle.

Puddin' Taine - Primus.  Les captures the essence of the every man character with ease.


Infectious Grooves - Infectious Grooves.  More bands should have songs about how great the band is.


The Prince - Metallica.  Metallica has a way of taking a cover and making it their own.  I like the punky feel of this'un.


The Love Shack - The B-52's.  Fred Schneider has the most entertaining voice ever.  I saw them in concert one time and the audience was…


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Back In The Saddle Thursday Shuffle.

It's been a while.  Time to get this  sucker moving.


Warped - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Ah.  Another song about drug addiction by RHCP.  They should have stopped after Knock me down.  It was the high point.


True Love Way - Kings of Leon.  Superb song all around.  Too bad the newest album sucks shit.


What I Got - Sublime.  Spent a few days in a college town recently.  They still listen to this song at the bars.  It is pretty good after…


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Final Friday Shuffle Edition

Off on an excursion.  This'll be the las shuffle for a week or two.


Crucified - Sevendust.  One of the few bands from the late 90's that I will admit liking.  Been listening to 'em quite a bit over the last few weeks.


Wasting My Time - Jimmy Page.  I picked up a Geffen compilation earlier this week and this song was on it.  Unremarkable, standard.


Other Side - Pearl Jam.  A goody off of the Lost Dogs disc.  That Lost Dogs set is worth the…


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Late Thursday Shuffle!

Casting Shade - Shadows Fall.  Don't know much about this band or song.  Picked the CD up used and havent paid much attention.  Instrumental. So far it's not grabbing me.  Not bad though.

Duchess - The Gutter Twins.  A cover. Enjoyable cover too.  I only the know the song in this context though.

Grinder - Judas Priest.  Priest continual causes me to be dismayed.  Never understood why people go ape shit over them.  Just a regular shitty rock song.

This Is A…


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Wednesday Shuffle Strangero

You Will Miss Me When I Burn - Soulsavers.  Marl Lanegan sings this dour song.  Damn.  This song is a huge bummer but I cant stop listening.  Cello and piano together cant be anything but sad.


Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Van Halen.  Semi-good looking is a great lyric.


Orion - Metallica.  It's a war march of an instrumental.  Good workout song.


The Lure Would Prove Too Much - The Twilight Singers.  I'd love it if it wasnt for the French lyric in…


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New Foo Fighters Tuesday Shuffle

Ritualist - Dimmu Borgir.  This kind of death metal is more accessible than you'd think.  Still not as good as Dethklok though.  


Emperor's New Horse - The Cult.  The Cult can do better.  In fact they usually do.


Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots.  I absolutely hated this when it came out.  It's grown on me since.


We're No Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister.  My 9 and 10 year old nephews know this song.  And that's without my…


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Five Time: Monday Edition

Fade - King's X.  Was hoping for something more upbeat to start it out.  Oh well.


One Way Out - The Allman Brothers Band.  Jeez, this is surprisingly good.  Think my musical likes are shifting a bit to more bluesy stuff.


The Scorpion - Megadeth.  I bought a Megadeth t-shirt with a scorpion on it.  Good song.


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC.  Classic.


Pussywillow - Greg Dulli.  That Amber Headlights disc was pretty good.  The…


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Five On Friday Shuffle

Strange Feelin' In The Air - Ryan Bingham.  Bingham flirts with the hard rock, wish he'd just go ahead and do it.  It'd be great.


Cant Do A Thing (To Stop Me) - Chris Isaak.  Smoothy gettin' it on music.  Almost R&B.


Secret Country - Minus The Bear.  Check them out.  Great newish band.


Isle of Avalon - Iron Maiden.  I finally got to see IM last year.  Twice in fact.  This is off of their newest album and it kind echos 7th Son.  That can't…


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Thursday Pod of Five

We Are You - J Mascis.  A little better track from J.  This one seems like it was actually written instead of a hippy jam.  It has an electric guitar too.


What I See - The Constellations.  Sounds like a commercial.


All Night Thing - Temple of the Dog.  Pinnacle song of the 90's.  It sounds like a reflective drunken night.


Army Reserve - Pearl Jam.  Good stuff from the self titled disc.  That album is probably the best of the oughts.…


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Wednesday Five

Burned Bridges - Living Colour.  Really like this song.  Simple beat layered with complex doodling by Verne.


Fans - Kings of Leon.  More simplicity done very well.  I love the way KOL puts the emphasis on the bass.  It's used more as a rhythm guitar than traditional bass.


Turn On The Water - Afghan Whigs.  Glimpses of Gentlemen.  


Die Die My Darling - Metallica.  Metallica sure loves the Misfits.  To each their own.


Crack Hitler…


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Tuesday Night Live Five

Home - Foo Fighters.  The last Foo was only decent, this song was a standout.  Cant wait for the new one.  Got it on order but I may consider a poached version to satiate.


Dream - Van Halen.  I can totally rock this on a Casio.  Grew to dislike Sammy but I was awful excited when 5150 came out.


Idle Hands - Gutter Twins.  The first time I heard this song I thought it was influenced by Megadeth.  Damn good surprise from Greg and Mark.


What You…


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Shuffling Into a New Week Five

Falling In Hate - Five Finger Death Punch.  The Pantera influence is thick and that isnt a bad thing.


Shirley Moats - Brad Neely (Baby Cakes).  Brad Neely is a talented mf'er.  Can't wait for his new show on Adult Swim.


The Good Times Are Killing Me - Modest Mouse.  Noting but good.


Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue.  The damn video caused quite a big of chaffing.  Still get stirrings when this song comes up.


La Villa Strangiato…


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Freaky Friday Five

Alive - Pearl Jam.  I'd have sex with this song.


I Used To Love Her - Guns N' Roses.  I'd make this song watch.


Apollo I, The Writing Writer - Coheed and Cambria.  Rock!  Coheed & Cambria are steadily becoming an irreplaceable band in my arsenal, up there with Queensryche.


Fly By Night - Rush.  How 'bout a hell yes?  Rush and Cambria make for an excellent prog breakfast.


I Want a Woman - Ratt.…


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