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The Baby Set Adrift Will Return As The Successful Victor In Twenty Summers -

Drifting - Pearl Jam.  There is a lot of crap in the Pearl Jam catalog.  This song is a part of said crap.

Sweet Smell Of Success - Tomahawk.  One of the better songs on the self titled disc.  For the most part, there's too much native American influence (chanting, mysticism, spirituality, etc) on that album.  Mit Gas is a much better CD top to bottom.

Summer's End - Foo Fighters.  My least favorite Foo Fighters album.  Too much 70's arena rock for my liking.…


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The Papillin Can't Eat All Of The Queens Stones - Wednesday Shuffle

Stone Dead Forever - Metallica.  One of the few covers that Metallica failed to surpass the original.  Lemmy can't be beat.  Its good to honor him though and I think Metallica did a good job in that regard.

Papillon - Twilight Singers.  Top 5 banjo-centric songs ever.  Great music to relax to and inspire reflection.  It's the bomb-bizzle.  Or something like that.  It's been a long while since I've paid attention to new slang.

Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers.…


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Educate The Plush Toys In The Cradle Now Or Plant Them As Seeds Later - Tuesday Shuffle

Cradle - The Joy Formidable.  The best new band so far of the twenty-teens.  No pretentious hipster shit or piling on a superlative here.  They are a legitimately great rock band.

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots.  Hey now, another legitimately great rock band.  This is a definite Pearl Jam rip off though.  Glad they grew beyond that.

Over Now - Alice In Chains.  Great rock band part 3 just popped up on all y'all's asses.  For real, yo.  Only critique is that the…


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Have You Thought About Bothering Your Wave Riding Friend With A Snail? Monday Shuffle

Amongst The Waves - Pearl Jam.  Ugh.  Uninspired Pearl Jam is garbage.  There's no passion here, no reason to make the listener pay attention.  Oh Pearl Jam is still capable of making magical new music but they're tired and the great stuff only hits few and far between.  Guess I'll keep trying and hoping for a little magic.

Bothered - Candlebox.  Candlebox has been hitting with some frequency.  Guess iTunes wants me to like them.  This song is trying to good.  Not feeling the…


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The Butterfly Invited The Sun To Make A Speech At The Car Wash - Sunday Shuffle

Speechless - School Of Fish.  All around great song.  One of the first CDs I ever had.  Had to play it through a DiscMan that I rigged to work with my car stereo.  Sounded really good for what it was.  School Of Fish was definitely one of those kick the dirt while feeling self conscious and sorry for yourself kind of bands but that has it's place.  

Be Invited - Twilight Singers.  More slowed down kick the dirt, woe is me music.  This is more sinister, complete with guns and…


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My Daughter Was Taught to Never Eat The Last Pachyderm Apple - Thursday Shuffle

Poison Apples - Motley Crue.  No sir.  I don't like it.  Corabi is a nice guy and all but his voice doesn't fit.  This song is shitty too.  Not what I want from a Crue song.  No riff, no real hook.  Poopsies.

Southbound Pachyderm - Primus.  I can almost play this song on bass.  It's the only one I can even come close to.  As such, I love it.  Beyond that, it's so different from a regular Primus song that you kinda have to pay attention.  It's a straight line, not too many…


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The Black City Is Fully Lit By One Star - Tuesday Shuffle

Room For One More - Anthrax.  I thoroughly enjoy this song.  Mr. Bush stepped in and helped create the best Anthrax album out of the box.  Worship Music probably usurped White Noise though.  Not bad for a replacement singer.  Wish Metallica could have retained this kind of hard edge on the Black Album.

Slota Prow - Full Armor - Woven Hand.  Not much to say here.  Violins and some kind of guttural chanting.   Weird percussion just kicked in.  There's almost a Jewish Russian…


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Another Good One Learns About Love While Stripping At The Farm - Monday Shuffle

Another Day In Paradise - Phil Collins.  I'll be damned if Phil Collins doesn't make excellent music.  Another standard for a generation right here.  If I had emotions I might get emotional over it, maybe weepy.  I like the 80's sounding electric drums and that his bassist looked exactly like my 10th grade biology teacher too.

Space Farm - Primus.  This sounds exactly like a space farm.  I know from experience.  I come from a long line of space farmers.  They raise space cows…


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If The Spaniard's Crew Crosses The River, My Friend Will Tell His Secrets - Sunday Shuffle

Best Friend - Candle Box.  I've had this album for nearly a year and this is the first time it's ever come up on the Shuffle.  Candle Box can rock shit hard.  This song is great.  Kinda punky, kinda metal, a bit poppy.  Good stuff all around.

All Secrets Know - Alice In Chains.  It's a good thing that the band went on with a new singer and the same name.  Layne was an irreplaceable talent but the new guy holds his own.  Ultimately, this is Jerry's band and if he has someone…


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The Flowing Mud Made The Faithful On The Boat Sad - Wednesday Shuffle.

Don't Be Sad - Dwight Yoakum.  Some nice line dancing Bakersfield twang to kick things off.  I'd probably dislike this song if it was another singer doing it.  Toby Keith doing this might prompt murderous rage. 

Missed The Boat - Modest Mouse.  Wait, a second.  This could be one of my all time favorite songs.  It's weird, wistful, has a snazzy bass line and sung with more than a little emotion.  If it got all heavy midway through there would be no doubt.  It just gets weirder,…


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Be Advised That Your Right To Freewill Will Come To An End After The Blitzkrieg - Tuesday Shuffle

Blitzkrieg - Metallica.  German words work well as metal song titles.  Goosestepping sociopaths would love this.  It's very Wagnerian.  I might even be inspired to line up behind the leader and espouse the virtue of race purity if I wasn't such a worldly, open minded fellow and didn't have a deep appreciation for mulatto women.  It does rock by the way.

World To Come - Gorija.  I picked up this CD a few weeks ago and haven't spent much time with it.  This may be the first time…


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Find Sweet Joy In A World Balancing On A Potters Wheel - Monday Shuffle

Joy - Talib Kewli.  Really wordy rap.  I've enjoyed Talib here and there, but this is just a guy trying to fit as many words into a song as possible.  Positive rap kinda stinks too.  He tells stories about specific years too.  That shit is whack, yo.

Unbalanced Pieces - Soulsavers.  This may be too much of a plodding, sludgy song for me to fully enjoy right now.  Looking for all out aggressiveness or something upbeat.  I'd love it in a different mindset.



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A Slave's Spirit Can Never Be Broken By Authoritative Londoners. Sunday Shuffle

The Spirit Of Radio - Rush.  There is a terrible movie out, Adventures Of Power, that might have ruined my Rush enjoyment.  The movie is about a weirdo that air-drums.  Rush is the pinnacle of "air-drumming" difficulty.  Neil Peart makes a cameo.  It'll be months before I can just listen to Rush without thinking of that bullshit.  I'd be rockin' my untainted ass off if I hadn't seen the movie though.

London - Queensryche.  Some untainted prog to lift my Rush taint.  Wait.…


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The Light Of Babylons Fire Buns On The Back Of Your Holiday - Thursday Shuffle

Holiday - Green Day.  I don't care for this song at all and, thus, have very little to say about it.  Trying to find beauty and joy where I can.  Move on when it's not present.  Unless I really hate it.  

Dogs Of Light - TV On The Radio.  Tonight's Shuffle is starting off with a wimper.  There's no passion on this song.  It's gonna be nap time unless things pick up.

On The Corner - The Twilight Singers.  Alright!  Some decency pops in to liven things up.  It's…


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Eugene Was Looking For A Glass Mirror At The Pawn Shop - Wednesday Shuffle

Glass Sandwich - Primus.  There are a couple of people I've encountered today that need a knuckle sammich.  A glass sandwich may be too extreme though.  I usually like the songs that less plays on a stand up bass with a bow.  This one is included.  Creaky and spooky are good.

Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) - Def Leppard.  High N' Dry is the domination.  Really rock heavy and not yet completely overproduced.  If they still made music like this I wouldn't hate them.  Yeah!…


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Hey Roy, Never Leave The Predator In Such A Deep Hole - Tuesday Shuffle.

Predator - Meat Puppets.  I dig this song even though it's lazy.  Too much like a sub par early 60's rock song.  Vanilla.  At the same time there is something intangible that makes it likable.  Dunno.  I've been really gassy lately and have cloudy judgement.  You're not allowed to come over.

Never Stop - Brand New Heavies.  Straight up funk/soul goodness.  Very influenced by old school Stevie Wonder.  If I was to dance to this song it would be exactly how Beavis dances to…


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Page's Guitar Accented The Sorrowful Smoke - Monday Shuffle.

Harvester Of Sorrow - Metallica.  The song is the domination but also the roots of the Black album.  Not that the Black album is pure crap, it's just not my favorite.  Domination plus.

Southern Accents - Johnny Cash.  Being a quasi southern dude, I don't enjoy this song as much as I should.  It's a fantastic Johnny Cash song but I don't have any real sentimental attachment to the content.  I know a lot of southern people and a lot of them are boobs.

Smoke - Ben…


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Bees Now Need Prisoners To Shoot - Sunday Shuffle

Get What You Need - Jet.  AC/DC's kids came together to put together an AC/DC tribute band that performs "original" music.  I think that's how it works anyway.  Maybe Australians can only do one kind of music.  This dijareedoo isn't music.

Now Or Never - Godsmack.  Sully Erma is a slight gent that makes big music.  Are trolls tiny?  Maybe goblin is the word I'm looking for.  Sully is a goblin.  Godsmack is one of those bands that I like but don't have a lot of their music.…


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