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A Thief Stole The Limo So Layla Is Walking And I'm Gonna Ride A Lemur - Wednesday Shuffle

Layla (Unplugged) - Eric Clapton.  No coda, no likey.  6.0 of 10.

Walking After You - Foo Fighters.  Their worst.  7.0 of 10.

White Limo - Foo Fightes.  Among their best!  9.2 of 10.

Car Thief - Beastie Boys.  Mulatto reference.  8.4 of 10.

Lemur - This Town Needs Guns.  8.9 of 10.

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Get Away From Any World That Includes Winged Hobbits Singing Lullabies To Pleiades - Tuesday Shuffle

Get Away - King's X.  A rare f-bomb to open things up.  Dug might be gay but he's always been prudish when it comes to the saucy language.  Take away the singing and the music could be used for a scene in a romantic comedy where the dude realizes the error of his ways and runs off to make dramatic corrections.

Hobbit On The Rocks - Toad The Wet Sprocket.  It's a bunch of malarkey if you ask me.  Balderdash too. Vicar cannot be used seriously in any context without an abundance…


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The War Hardened Men Of Venus Carry Grizzly Memories Along With Their Guns - Monday Shuffle

Memories Are Made Of This - Johnny Cash.  9.1 of 10.

Venus - Butthole Surfers.  8.7 of 10.

Machine Gun - The Commodores.  8.8 of 10.

Maneater - Hall & Oats.  9.3 of 10.

Hard Times - Living Colour.  8.8 of 10.

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We'll Never Be Able To Stop Therapy Unless You Start - Sunday Shuffle

You - R.E.M.  7.8 of 10.

Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones.  8.8 of 10.

Never - Ozzy Osbourne.  8.9 of 10.

Therapy - Infectious Grooves.  8.7 of 10.

We'll Be Together - Sting.  8.5 of 10.

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One Day She Is Going To Look Out The Small Window - Thursday Shuffle

My Window Faces South - Willie Nelson; Lucas Nelson.  Lucas sings just like Willie, minus the good.  This song is better than good.  It's all because of Willie.

Small - Portishead.  I like Portishead quite a bit but they have a real problem with building momentum.

She's A Handsome Woman - Panic! At The Disco.  Dang, second P!ATD song in a week.  I don't like them.

These Days - Foo Fighters.  Standard mid tempo Foo Fighters song but for some reason…


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Fidelity Is Solidly Rooted When Wearing Leopard Print Army Pants In The Shadows - Wednesday Shuffle

Shadows - RED.  4.8 of 10.

Fidelio op. 72 - Ludwig Van Beethoven.  Any critique would be stupid.

The Leopard And The Lung - The Joy Formidable.  8.7 of 10.

Army Ants - Stone Temple Pilots.  8.4 of 10.

Root Down - Beastie Boys.  8.8 of 10,

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Rock Songs Create Habits That Destroy Men And Empires - Tuesday Shuffle

Rock N' Roll - Motorhead.  Motorhead is a part of greatest Saturday festival lineup ever.  Seriously considering a trip to Donnington just to see the one day.  This song has a really great solo.

Afterman (Demo) - Coheed and Cambria.  Pretty solid demo.  The finished track is pretty close, just more polished and produced.

Railroad Song - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I like any song that mentions a boxcar or hobos

Habit - Pearl Jam.  The new album needs some of…


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Reach For The Stuff Whirring On Your Right Shoulder - Monday Shuffle

Dead To Rights - The Twilight Singers.  8.3 of 10.

Whirring - The Joy Formidable.  8.9 of 10.

Over Your Shoulder - Dinosaur Jr.  8.3 of 10.

Hot Stuff - The Rolling Stones.  8.0 of 10.

Reach Down - Temple Of The Dog.  8.9 of 10.

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Anne Knows An Alien That Rambles From Universe To Universe - Wednesday Shuffle

Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chili Peppers. 8.2 of 10.

Ramblin' Man - The Allman Brothers Band.  8.9 of 10.

Annetichrist - Superdrag.  8.1 of 10.

Nobody Knows Anything - Anthrax.  8.3 of 10.

Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead.  8.2 of 10.

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Heaven Is A Money Harvest And A Singing Cheetah - Tuesday Shuffle

Slow Cheetah - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Slow cheetah....  That don't make no sense!  Anthony Kiedis should take up a trade, maybe take a course at the tech school.

Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five.  I've grown out of any affinity I had for Bend Folds Five.  Turns out it was just a phase.

Send Me Your Money - Suicidal Tendencies.  Suicidal is the domination.  They're hard as nails too.

Harvest - Neil Young.  Neil Young has always sounded like a…


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You Know, Digital Sounds Best When It's Ugly - Monday Shuffle

Best Of Me - Ratt.  8.9 of 10.

Screaming In Digital - Queensryche.  9.0 of 10.

The Sounds Of Science - Beastie Boys.  7.6 of 10.

Do You Know What I'm Seeing? - Panic! At The Disco.  6.1 of 10.

Ugly In The Morning - Faith No More.  9.2 of 10.

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The Hate Train Caught The Man And Cut Him Deep - Thursday Shuffle

Caught In A Mosh - Anthrax.  Pantera owes their entire career to this song.  It's the groove metal Prometheus.  9.2 of 10.

Train In Van - The Clash.  It has a great beat and you can dance to it.  9.2 of 10.

Love Hater - Outkast.  A new Outkast album could lift this country out of crisis.  9.0 of 10.

Dead Men Tell No Tales - Motorhead.  It's likely Lemmy has killed a few men.  9.1 of 10.

Cuts Marked In The March Of Men - Coheed &…


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Even An Evil Moth Loves A Good Peach - Wednesday Shuffle.

Love Rears It's Ugly Head [Soulpower Hip Hop Remix] - Living Colour.  Completely useless remix.  It ruins the song.  5.0 of 10.

Peach - Prince.  Prince is a rocker, man.  He is also a rocker man.  He is not, however, John Rocker.  8.4 of 10.

Evil Eyes - Dio.  Okay, Dio is rock, man.  He's also the rock man.  He may be the owner of John Rocker's soul as well.  This is possibly the best Dio song.  It's light on the Funklar shit, it's almost catchy yet remains…


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Don't Concern Yourself With How We Cut The Wine, It's Proprietary Knowledge - Monday Shuffle

Cut - Jimmy Eat World.  7.2 of 10.

Red, Red Wine - Neil Diamond.  8.6 of 10.

Best Of You - Foo Fighters.  8.4 of 10.

Know The Ledge - Eric B. & Rakim.  8.9 of 10.

Custom Concern - Modest Mouse.  8.8 of 10.

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