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The Dog's Face Turned Up To The Georgia Sky As If Smokey Haze Contained God's Image - Wednesday Shuffle

Jingle Of A Dog's Collar - Butthole Surfers.  This is usually a slam dunk for me.  Don't know why but I'm not feeling it.  It needs an infusion of energy.  

Face Up - Rush.  Here's a bouncy little number that's much more enjoyable than the one before.  Minus the rappy shit, I really like this era in Rush's catalog.  It's accessible but the tweaky little prog parts are still there.  Great bass line too.  The drums remain complex.  If there's any complaint, it's a little light…


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Enter With One Step, Take Strength From Her Kiss - Monday Shuffle

One Step Beyond - Karsh Kale.  Some electronica song that I've never heard before nor do I know how this ended up in my iTunes library.  It's okay I guess.  Not getting the urge to break out the glow sticks and ingesting Molly though.  Can't be that great I suppose.  On a side note, I have eaten a pound of Kale in the last four days.  Livin' healthy y'all!  If you were wondering, eating that much kale does make your shit green.

Take Me Home - Phil Collins.  Love me come PC.…


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The Situation Is Up In A Hellish Variation - Sunday Shuffle

Stir It Up - Tesla.  Just added Psychotic Supper to iTunes today.  Tesla is the domination.  This song is fairly dominant itself.  It definitely follows the Tesla formula but that formula works.  The solo does go in a surprisingly funky direction though.  3 nooses.

As Is - Van Halen.  Nice!  Just added the new Van Halen today too.  I'm glad I didn't let that piece of shit Tattoo song sway my opinion on the album.  The album is a study in good rock music.  Yes, I'm a Dave over…


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I'm Running Away From Here Tomorrow In A Noisy Camaro. - Tuesday Shuffle

Camaro - Kings Of Leon.  Always enjoy the bass lines on a good Kings Of Leon song.  It's more like a riffy rhythm guitar than a traditional bass line.  Hope they get over the "exhaustion" and get back to making music as good as what's on Because Of The Times.

Stop The Noise - The Futureheads.  Back on Spotify again tonight listening to King's Of Leon radio.  I can see the relation to KOL here but it doesn't make it good.  The Brit singer is singing with a Brit accent.  Boo.…


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Symmetry Can Be Ugly When We Stop Playing - Monday Shuffle.

It's another Spotify Shuffle.  Using Coheed And Cambria radio.  The computer that holds iTunes has given up the ghost.

Here We Are Juggernaut - Coheed & Cambria.   Yeah, that last album is as close to prog metal perfection as it comes.  It might be blasphemy but I like it more than most Rush albums.  This song is one of those that causes goosebumps whenever I hear it.  Hell, most of the album is like that.

Don't Stop - Main - interpartysystem.  Too much…


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Born From Rot, She Wishes And Fantasizes About A Less Hard Life - Wednesday Shuffle.

It's a Spotify radio night.  Tonight's selection is The Cult Radio.

Born Into This - The Cult.  This album fell a little flat after the greatness of Beyond Good And Evil.  This song is the hot shit though.  Think I saw that they are due for another release in a few months.  I will be purchasing it on the release day.  The coda here is nifty too.

Rock N' Roll Fantasy - Bad Company.  Hmmm.  I would never associate Bad Company with The Cult.  This is one of those…


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