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The Ice Machine Thing Gets Cold In Waves - Monday Shuffle.

Waves - Twilight Singers.  It's a goose pimple maker.  It's evil like Sabbath but almost puts me in the mind of The Cure.  Big stretch I know but it's the best I could come up with.  Anyway, this song dominates in all regards.  That whole album is in my top ten OAT.

Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) - Chris Isaak.  Smooth jazz Isaak is tolerable.  Might be the only smooth jazz that is remotely tolerable too.  He does go a little Blue-Eyed Soul in there too so that's a plus.  I…


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The Enemy Of Justice Has Been Released - Sunday Shuffle

My Enemy - Skid Row.  This band would have been the biggest thing in the world if ego didn't get in the way.  This isn't too far away from the early 90's sound of GNR or Metallica.  Hard edged enough to keep the headbangers satiated but mainstream enough to bring in the masses.  They're a more palatable Pantera in some regards.

The Beautiful Ones - Prince & The Revolution.  There is nothing negative to say about anything on the Purple Rain album.  I really enjoy the way…


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The Light At The Side Of The Coffee Shop Shines A Believable Invitation - Thursday Shuffle.

Be Invited - Twilight Singers.  Nice spooky track from Dynamite Steps.  It's probably the weakest track on an impeccable album.  It would be great with a harder edge to it.  Otherwise it's just good.  Fantastic production though.

I Don't Believe In Love - Queensryche.  You know what?  I love this song.  Guess I do believe in some kinds of love.  The solo is one of my all time favorites.  It's not flashy but is difficult nonetheless.  It fits the song.  Tate's vocals are spot…


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A Dreamy Hitchhiker Is Selling Dramatic Pussywillows. Tuesday Shuffle

Selling The Drama - Live.  This is a college party background song.  It's probably playing in some frat house right now.  I'm not sure why I even own this.  It's good enough but nothing I've ever adored.  Maybe it's one of the few CD's that made the transition from shitty college apartments to slightly less shitty houses.

Dreamline - Rush.  I dig Roll The Bones and I don't care what your opinion is.  This song is about Star Wars?  Maybe traveling whores?  It rocks nonetheless.…


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Everywhere That Matters, Dreams Are Killed Like Black Hurt - Monday Shuffle

This Is Gonna Hurt - Sixx A.M.  My opinion of Sixx A.M. has been on a steady decline as of late.  It seems too manufactured.  This song is essentially a cross of The Killers and Nickelback.  Not to be overly critical but I expected more from this second album.

Black, Red, Yellow - Pearl Jam.  Another sub par pile of junk.  I generally tune out when Pearl Jam goes to far into punk territory.  Kinda feel like it's lazy.

Shit Like That - Butthole Surfers.  It's…


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Sunday Shuffle

Goldilox (Reprise) - King's X.  This comes up a lot and I'm never disappointed.  It could very well by my favorite song.  There is nothing wrong with this song.

Violent Pornography - System Of A Down.  I like SOD.  They're like a less talented, more amped Faith No More.  This song has it's merits too.

Don't Leave Me On My Own - Chris Isaak.  Love me some Chris Isaak but he can be a bit of a puss.

Dickeye - Jerry Cantrell.  Another AIC sounding…


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Debonair Mexicans With Bottled Chemicals End Up In The Swamp - Thursday Shuffle

Swamp Song - Tool.  I don't pay nearly enough attention to Tool.  On paper they should be one of my favorite bands.  Being prog-ish, bass driven and Nihilistic are all positives in my book.  Kinda put them in the same boat as Sevendust.  I really like everything they do but never think to spend time with the music.  I may just have an all Tool & Sevendust day soon.

Mexico - Butthole Surfers.  I have very little patience for overt weirdness but the Butthole Surfers get a…


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All Gothic Poets Forget About Stars - Wednesday Shuffle

We're All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop) - Slash.  Fairly decent for a song that has Iggy Pop on vocals but probably the worst song on Slash's solo disc.  Why do people like Iggy Pop?  He's an emaciated weirdo with not a lot of talent.  Slash cranks out an okay solo.

Soon Forget - Pearl Jam.  Millionaire Eddie Vedder whining about how millionaires are shitty.  Go buy a new t-shirt Eddie.  You can afford it.  It's also a bullshit ukulele song too.  Meh.



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The Scary Red Bones Are Not Burning - Tuesday Shuffle

Untitled [Red Dot] - Pearl Jam.  Steel drums should never be used by a rock band.  Ever.

She Loves Me Not - Faith No More.  FNM does R&B pretty damn well.  They may be the best most rounded band to ever record.  FNM can do anything.  Rock's Little Engine That Could.

Roll The Bones - Rush.  I love this song.  I loved this era of Rush too.  I also love gambling so this song should be the best thing I've ever heard.  The rapping in the middle kinda throws me…


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The Transition Away From Voodoo Was Not Atlanta's Best Day - Sunday Shuffle

Atlanta - Stone Temple Pilots.  Pretty sure that I talked about my disdain for this song before but I'm actually kind of enjoying it right now.  It's capturing a mood.  Even the whistling at the end didn't send me into a blind rage.

Transitions - Beastie Boys.  Again, a song I generally dislike seems to be hitting the spot.  Jazzy instrumental Beasties are my least favorite Beasties but this is hitting the spot.  There is a soulful undercurrent here, a Curtis Mayfield vibe.…


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Cities Are All Full Of Easy Creeps That Will Hurt You - Friday Shuffle.

Head Creeps - Alice In Chains.  It's far from my favorite AIC song.  It would work in a pinch though.  It's the methadone to an AIC junkie's Man In The Box.  Head Creeps would cure the sick but not give you the nods.

This Is Gonna Hurt - Sixx A.M.  This album hasn't grown on me the way I had hoped it would.  This song is almost the rock sauce though.  It may be the singer that turns me off to Sixx A.M.  He's a soulless Chad Kroger.  Or I should say he sounds like almost every…


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The Devil Has Fans In The I.R.S. And Among Dosed Gigolos - Wednesday Shuffle

American Gigolo - Weezer.  I read the title of this before it started playing and was misread it as Just A Gigolo.  I was disappointed for a moment that it wasn't the Diamond Dave classic.  It was just a moment though because I do like this song.  Don't know why Weezer got tagged with the hipster label.  They're just a really good rock band that isn't afraid of the rock.

Heroic Dose - TV On The Radio.  Dear Science was pretty good but this French talky bullshit should have…


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Black Rocks Can Be Jewels To The Blind Or Coal For The Night - Tuesday Shuffle

Black Curtains - Megadeth.  Off of Youthanasia.  It's okay I guess.  There are much better songs on that album.  Dave seems to be pretty full of himself with the vocals.  He's kinda hamming up the scratchy evilness he wants us to think he has.  Otherwise, it's too basic.  Nothing really noteworthy.

I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister.  My young nephews saw this video the other day and got very excited.  Guess Twisted Sister transcends generations.  This song is good and it always…


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Get Me Into The Groove Baby And I Wont End It - Monday Shuffle

Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing - Chris Isaak.  Probably the best track on Forever Blue.  It's equally sinister and wistful.  It's also as close to a hard rock song as Chris is gonna get.  It's not really rockabilly either, just a real rock song.  It's just full on good. 

The End Complete III, The End Complete - Coheed & Cambria.  Two for two in tonight's shuffle!  This isn't a hardcore progressive track but it's exactly what I want to hear from C&C.  Wait a second, it is a…


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Dee's Child and Mama Are In The Electric Tree - Sunday Shuffle

The Trees - Rush.  I think this may be some J R R Tolkien Elvin Funklar bullshit.  It could be some hippy bullshit too.  Who knows.  Luckily the song transcends bullshit for the most part and is a listenable Rush song.  It's not their best by any means but listenable.  

Dee - Ozzy Osbourne.  It's some classical interlude filler stuff from Randy.  It's labeled a bonus track.  Some bonus.

Mama, I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne.  This is one of the few tolerable…


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Will You Come Back In a Million Years When The Stakes Lower? - Tuesday Shuffle

Will Do - TV On The Radio.  I've tried my darndest to like Nine Types Of Light but I can't do it.  It's boring. This is one of the better tracks and I am reticent to proclaim it's decency.  I keep waiting for something interesting to talk about, but it doesn't happen.  This is a vanilla pudding song.  I know that it exists but never talk about it.

Come Back - Pearl Jam.  More boring bullshit.  I was amp'd up for hardcore thrash or some freak-out-weirdness tonight and I get two…


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Chef Mamacita Is Ready To Fix Some Ragoo - Monday Shuffle

Mamacita - Outkast.  Huh, I don't know about this.  I've listened to Aquemini quite a few times but I have no recollection of this song.  Kids are rapping now.  Children have no business being rappers.  Remember Kris Kross?  They were terrible and made me hate children rappers for an eternity.  Andre finally comes in with some correction.  It's too slow though.  Slow rap is kinda shitty.  Its also over 5 minutes.  There are very few rap songs worth more than 3 and a half minutes.  Pretty…


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