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The Ocean Is Barely Into The Imago Stage, Its End Is Far Away So Let's Stop Planning A Memorial - Tuesday Shuffle

Ocean In The Way by Dinosaur Jr..  8.7 of 10.

The End Complete V: On The Brink by Coheed & Cambria.  8.7 of 10.

Mesopelagic: Into the Uncanny by The Ocean.  8.8 of 10.

Imago by The Mars Volta.  8.3 of 10.

Memorial (feat. Chelsea Wofle) by Russian Circles.  9.0 of 10.

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It's Not Too Late To Use Ground Pollution As A Business Generator - Monday Shuffle

Too Late: Frozen by Type O Negative.  8.8 of 10.

God's Away On Business by Tom Waits.  8.6 of 10.

Ground Zero By Chris Cornell.  7.2 of 10.

Generator by Gap Dream.  6.3 of 10.

Face Pollution by Soundgarden.  9.3 of 10.

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I've Never Felt More Alive Than I Did Standing Behind The Stone Wall Of Universal Midnight - Thursday Shuffle

Behind The Wall by Tracy Chapman.  I like Suzanne Vega's take better.  Nobody died.  This stark a cappella nonsense doesn't build mood or tone as effectively as she thinks.  7.3 of 10.

I'm Alive by Helloween.  The most Helloween-y Helloween song.  It only kinda sounds like Iron Maiden and it's fairly short.  8.2 of 10.

Midnight Jam by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.  Joe Strummer composed in two styles - the most beautiful songs you could possibly imagine and…


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My Secret Powers Are Jumping Over Flames Unsinged And Sailing By The Seat Of My Pants - Wednesday Shuffle

The Flame by Cheap Trick.  Master craftsman quality power ballad. 9.3 of 10.

Jump In The Fire by Metallica.  Chair kicking, dog scaring, elbow tossing level awesome. 9.3 of 10.

Destro's Secret (Live) by The Dillinger Escape Plan.  Atmospheric pleasantries intermediately punctuated with a fistful of punches. 8.8 of 10.

Sail On by The Commodores.  Yacht rock's grandpappy or funky cousin? Either way, it's The Commodores and that is worth a 9.0 of…


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Humans Can Message The Dead With Heart Felt Whistling - Tuesday Shuffle

Whistling Girl by Wovenhand.  When the song first came on I was wishing that Wovenhand would do something boisterous, big, like a horn section or over the top drumming.  That all changed when I heard the understated elements at play here.  The whimpering piano bit is fantastic, the drums are active without being blatantly Bonzo, the bass is steady instead of punchy.  9.2 of 10.

Closer To The Heart by Rush.  Canadian socialism makes for a peppy, fun, song.  9.0 of…


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Even The Bus To The Institution Is Sometimes Driven By A Scumbag - Monday Shuffle

Scumbag Blues by Them Crooked Vultures.  The genesis of Like Clockwork but still has a unique tone, tempo and texture.  The electric piano is super sweet.  9.0 of 10.

Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies.  Even though this was the business at one point, it doesn't hold up.  The mix is weird too.  8.2 of 10.

Sometimes by Pearl Jam.  No Code is the third best Pearl Jam album because of this, In My Tree, Present Tense, Hail, and all of the others.  9.0 of…


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You'll Age Rapidly If You Wait For Inspiration When Stewing In Resentment - Sunday Shuffle

Resentment City by Gypsyhawk.  I rented a place in Resentment City for a time.  Packed my stuff and took the Happy Bus to Contentment Town.  Bought a condo and now I smile at my neighbors.  Gypsyhawk is a contemporary Tesla funneled through a Thin Lizzy filter.  Watch out for 'em.  8.8 of 10.  

I Can't Wait by Star & Micey.  Song that was seemingly written specifically to be used in a commercial.  It's insincere, inorganic and forced.  6.8 of 10.



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