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Your Praise Is Like A Lounging Surprise Tainted With Poison - Wednesday Shuffle

Praise - Sevendust.  Soulful voices work well in rock.  Lajon has one of the best voices, soulful or not, in rock.   I have a lot of Sevendust on iTunes but never seek them out even though I know they should be among my favorite bands.  I'd be all in if it weren't for the occasional angry white guy rap.


Poison Apples.  I gave John Corabi a good ribbing the other day but I really like this song.  It sounds like Motley Crue with a good singer and Motley Crue definitely reaps…


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All Of The Rockers Are Impressed With Her Back - Tuesday Shuffle.

The Impression That I Get - Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  I listened to this some frequency for a couple years following it's release.  In fact this album was a mainstay in my car for a long time.  I never really got bored with it, just stopped listening.  Hell, I would have kept up with the band if they just didnt fall off my radar.  Are they still together?


No Way Back - Foo Fighters.  I think Dave was going for Everlong Pt. 2 on this.  It's not quite there.  I do really like…


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There Is a Ghost Driving On The Burning Road - Monday Shuffle.

I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper.  At this moment, I can not think of a better song in any genre from any era.  Cyndi's passion is on full display.  This isn't the ditzy air head from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or She Bop.  She's a full fledged, complex woman.  She also has a great voice.  I love her.  


Ghost - Pearl Jam.  Riot Act sucks balls.  They were obviously just filling their obligation to Sony.  I don't really have much to say here.  It's boring and very unlike Pearl…


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My Luck Mirrors Black Science From Time To Time - Sunday Shuffle

Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam.  I mentioned the third best Pearl Jam driving song last week and, lo and behold, number one pops up.  Most of us have driven too fast while this was playing.  It builds in all the right spots and settles into a great "look out the window and process life" kinda mood.  I am going to go ahead and call this the all time best driving song.  I will entertain dissenting opinions but you gotta come with hard evidence to dissuade me.


The Sounds Of Science…


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Beautiful Bongos Are Filled With Dynamite - Wednesday Shuffle.

Dynamite Steps - Twilight Singers.  So glad this came up.  I just put this CD in the truck to listen to on my way to and from work.  It's been a couple months since I gave this album a hard listen.  I'm already pumped about the drive on Friday.  I read a review that called this an epic song but I kinda disagree.  It would need to be longer than 6:44 to be epic.  It's the perfect length for an excellent song.  Gush over I guess.


Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.…


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The King's Angel Is More Fun Than Apollo - Tuesday Shuffle

Ain't No Fun (Waiting Around To Be Millionaires) - AC/DC.  Like a lot of Bon Scott era AC/DC, I think this is just okay.  I don't know, I just don't feel any affinity toward it.  Maybe it's because I was a little kid when it came out and never developed any kind of memory associated with it.  Oh well, it's not a bad song.  Not at all.  Maybe if I finger a fat chick while it's playing I would think more of it.


Apollo II: The Writing Winter - Coheed & Cambria.  They drag…


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Caged At Home, The Pressman Dreams Of A Changing Ocean - Monday Shuffle

I'm Coming Home - Cinderella.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song.  Hell, it's all right!  The vocals are superb, it's uplifting, a great solo.  All right indeed.  I would dance if I had the skill.


The Pressman - Primus.  I must be tired or something because I'm just not feelin' this at all.  It's too intense for an early evening where fun would be more appreciated.


Rusty Cage - Soundgarden.  Johnny Cash did an admirable job covering this but it…


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We Can Fix This Bad Song And Make It Charming - Sunday Shuffle.

Can't We Move This - Dinosaur Jr.  Wall of sound niceness.  Fuzzy guitars, fuzzy vocals.  Could be the pinnacle of Dinosaur Jr. songness.  I really dig the abrupt strings here too.  Good job all around.


Charmer - Kings Of Leon.  Because Of The Times is their best album because of songs like this.  It's unlike anything but wholly enjoyable.  It's more than tough to even identify influences.  Another good job all around.


The Fixer - Pearl Jam.  I still think of…


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Nothing Anchors A Man More Than Being Numb To The World - Thursday Shuffle

Nothing - Anthrax.  Yeah.  Love the broader scope of this song.  It's punchy but still accessible.  Definitely hear the influence of the previous album on this song.  It's very Only sounding, just not as massively awesome.  I guess it's just regular awesome.  


She's An Anchor - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  Duff can't sing for shit but he can put together a good song.  This is very riffy, catchy and well produced.  It might take a few more listens to absolutely love it but I have…


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Who Was In That Long Line For The Turning Wheel? Wednesday Shuffle

The Last In Line - Dio.  I was just sitting here thinking about the shuffle and hoping that I would get some RJD.  When this came up I couldn't help but think that it was Ronnie looking down (or up) on me and made it happen with his special brand of wizardry.  I'll pour one out for my dead homie later.  Last In Line may be the song I'd point to if someone was looking to learn more about Dio.  It's not too elven or evil and not too heavy for the average rock fan.…


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Here's The Scoop, Having Enemies Is So Damned Retarded. Tuesday Shuffle

Retarded - Afghan Whigs.  Wow, this title wouldn't get though now.  That would have been a bummer as this song is the rock.  It definitely has that late 80's indie sound but it is tempered with some metal type screaming.  I just wished the non-metal portions didn't sound so much like R.E.M.  Thankfully it's a short song, not enough to engender lasting rage.


The End Complete IV:  The Road And The Damned - Coheed & Cambria.  Another quick song.  Also one of my least…


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Your Godless King Shot One End And Cut The Other - Monday Shuffle

End Over End - Foo Fighters.  Damn I love the Foo Fighters.  There isn't anything too special about End Over End other than it being a solid straight up rock song.  In fact it's kinda soft for an album ending track.  There is plenty of muscle that could have been gleaned from the meaty bone they started with.  A couple progressive bridges or breaks would have done this song well.  It's perfectly acceptable as is though.  I guess less is more to some people.


Sure Shot -…


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My People Never Bought Gold - Sunday Shuffle

My Sharona - The Knack.  I had no idea this song was in my iTunes.  This is a surprisingly dirty song.  It's making me blush.  He said something about his thigh.  I don't need that kind of filth in my jams.  It's base.  Sheesh.  Where is an old school Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff rap when I need it?  Okay, the solo is rocking hard now.  I don't remember this being on the verge of metal.  Now it's back to being smut.  He's moaning and I don't care for that shit.


What People…


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Modern Pigs Run From The Rain - Thursday Shuffle

War Pigs - Faith No More.  While this is a fairly straight up cover, I think it's better than the original.  The guitar tone is better, there is more energy and I like Patton's voice better than young Ozzy's.  They took a really good song and made it really fantastic.  Please don't hate me for speaking the truth.  It's okay to be miffed though.


Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla.  I probably listened to this tape more than any other on my Walkman while I delivered papers in the…


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Goldilox's Brother Is Not Dancing With That Dog - Wednesday Shuffle.

Goldilox - King's X.  I really do have more music than King's X.  Really.  This song is one of my absolute favorites from them.  Great guitar work, great emotion.  The solo is one of the best ever.  I dunno, it's just one of those songs that makes me feel.


Brother Woodrow / Closing Prayer - The Afghan Whigs.  If I didn't know better, I would assume that this is some specially produced mood music commissioned by Scorsese to punctuate a flashback scene.  It really is cinematic…


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Jerry Wont Skin That Chinese Car - Tuesday Shuffle.

Gone (That'll Be Me) - Dwight Yoakum.  Dwight Yoakum is a much better person than Doyle Hargraves but I'm pretty sure that he is a tuning son of a bitch.  This song is just fun.


Skin - Sixx A.M.  Okay.  This is melodramatic schlock.  I have a lot of friends that love Nikki Sixx like he's a god but this is just not my cup of tea.  The fake tremble in the singer's voice might have pushed me into hate territory.  There is good stuff on this album though.  It's just not on this…


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Excuse Me Jim, The Flying Ride Is Invisible! - Monday Shuffle.

Invisible Planet - Voivod.  The singer had a cold the day they recorded and couldn't afford a retake.  It was that or he's just a really shitty singer.  Either way, the nasally vocals only somewhat detracts from the their masturful metal domination.  Voivod would be much better with a different singer though.


Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters.  I wonder what the drug was in the video?  It looked like cocaine but I don't think that's the way people react to the stuff.  If made…


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The Flames Of Violence Blackened That Again - Sunday Shuffle

Violence Fetish - Disturbed.  I don't get Disturbed.  They are a cut rate Korn and the Caribbean rap affectation makes me cringe.  The song title and the band's name rub me the wrong way.  There is nothing imposing or deviant about it.  I am most definitely not disturbed.  I am just angry that I own this terrible music.


Something Like That - NWA.  MC Ren is kicking mucho ass.  One of my least favorite NWA songs but I always enjoy it nonetheless.


Again - Alice…


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Your Wife Cleans The Devil's Sorrow - Thursday Shuffle

So Fresh So Clean - Outkast.  Rap at its absolute best.  Real production, real musicians, fun chorus, bright lyrics.  Jack Tripper is name checked!  What's not to like about a song that mentions Jack Tripper?  Nothing.  I sometimes think that Andre is an exceptional.  He's likely better than most people.


Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones.  This is probably my favorite Stones song.  Funky tribal drums to open up, piano throughout, and somewhat taboo subject matter.  It's…


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My House Is Never Open To The Devil's Mud - Wednesday Shuffle.

In House Christmas Carol - Baby Cakes.  This is my all time favorite Christmas carol.  Go find it and enjoy.  Never mind, I found it for you.  This is a lesser version though.  It lacks the essential Phoebe Cates passage.



Mudd - King's X.  I have too much King's X.  It shows up way too much in the shuffle and takes away from their…


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