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Good Girl Dies, On The Way To Heaven - Sunday Shuffle.

RV - Faith No More.  Would anyone tell me if I was getting stupider?  I like to think that yes, someone would tell me.  This is a great example of being experimental and progressive without being too weird.


Good Girl - The Neptunes/Vanessa Marquez.  She must have been blowing Pharrell.  Her voice is almost okay.  The song is barely dancing on the edge of tolerable.  Meh.


Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - Phil Collins.  Hot damn!  A vastly underrated PC…


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Choked Voices Follow You Away - Thursday Shuffle.

Follow You Down - Twilight Singers.  The Twilight Singers are playing Blackberry Belle in it's entirety at a gig in San Francisco.  SUPER stoked to be lucky enough to get a ticket today.  This song has the makings of being an epic.  Kinda like that it was left short.


I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Always dug this song.  It's different enough but not annoyingly different.


So Far Away - Dire Straights.  Always thought this was more of a country…


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Mick's Best Totem Is Crying - Wednesday Shuffle

Cry Tough - Poison.  They played this when I saw them a couple of weeks ago.  Great song.  Bret kept is mouth shut for the most part so it was a better than average show.


Totem - Rush.  Hippy bullshit song but still enjoyable because of it's Rush.  Very bass heavy and chorus-y.


Mick - Dinosaur Jr.  One of my favorites from these guys.  Kinda shoe gazing vibe to start but rock kicks in nicely.


True Colors - Phil Collins.  I almost always love…


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Bukowski Is On Fire In Hell - Tuesday Shuffle

On Fire - Van Halen.  Haven't heard this in forever.  Damn fine bass playing by Michael Anthony.  Fun song.


Bukowski - Modest Mouse.  Great combination of banjo, recorder and bass strings that's not used nearly enough.  Seriously.  This almost like an artsier Primus song.


1985 - Bowling For Soup.  I hate this fucking song.  It gets a skip.  An angry skip at that.


Are You With Me Now - Sixx A.M.  Good enough pop rock song.  It may be too emo for…


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Hot Hats Hate Sorrow - Monday Shuffle

Harvester Of Sorrow - Metallica.  The seeds of the Black album right here.  Even at that, still superior in every way.  


Hate You - King's X.  Hate is such a strong word guys.  How about a little compassion?  Not feeling the plodding stuff today.


Hats Off - Primus.  Les Claypool sings in a perfect southern accent.  It's kinda weird for a California boy to have it down so masterfully.  Good enough song.


Have It All - Foo Fighters.  One By One is…


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Night Deep With Rain - Friday Shuffle.

Ain't Even Done With The Night - John Mellencamp.  It took every bit of self control I could muster to not type Cougar in his name.  This song is too poppy for my preference.  


Too Deep - J. Mascis.  Too sparse.  The guitar is simple, I think I could play it.  Not what I want when J. is playing.  Forced.  Meh.


Sunshine Rain - King's X.  Another slow jam.  Why can't I be more mopie and enjoy this stuff.  Wait a second, it's picking up a bit.  Got a little…


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Mama is Outside Dedicating The Park - Thursday Shuffle

Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel.  Up until a couple of weeks ago I liked most Billy Joel songs.  Some switch flipped and I've had an irrational, seething hatred of this man lately.  Seriously, I dwell on my dislike of Billy Joel more than is healthy.


Dedicate It - The Afghan Whigs.  Good enough for a pre-major label release song but I rarely seek it out.


Lakeside Park - Rush.  Tim Horton's is pretty much Dunkin Donuts.  I guess it's important for the…


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Bathroom Business With An Alibi

Monkey Business - Skid Row.  Minus the bluesy break in the middle this is a solid metal song.  Heavy bass, rockin' solo.  


When Doves Cry - Prince & The Revolution.  It's a classic.  Nuff said..


Doctor Alibi - Slash w/ Lemmy.  I have never disliked a song sung by Lemmy.  That Slash solo album is good stuff.


Squealer - ACDC.  This has been on my ipod for a while but never listened to it.  I prefer Brian Johnson as my ACDC singer.  Guess I…


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Big Confrontations Alone - Tuesday Shuffle

The Big Picture - King's X.  It's King's X.  Of course I like it.  It's okay of you don't like it as much as I do.  C'est La Vive!  (Oh, and fuck you)


If This Is It - Huey Lewis & The News.  Hot damn.  It's a little blue-eyed soul with a dash of cheesy doo-wop.  No complaints.


Summer Land - King's X.  Well shit.  I hate it when two songs from the same band show up in a shuffle.  Even at that I don't hate it all that much.  It is King's X after…


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