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Dreaming Of Your Ex And A Rock Is Way Cool - Thursday Shuffle

Way Cool Jr. - Ratt.  This is a vile recording.  Way Cool Jr. and Hitler should be equally hated.  0.025 of 10.

Ex-TC - Death Angel.  Metal bands should not be using ecstasy let alone sing about it.  Leave that to the hippies and club kids.  7.0 of 10.

In My Dreams - Dokken.  Rude dudes slinging attitude and bad ass riffitude.  8.5 of 10.

Rock 'n' Roll - Motorhead.  Damn right Lemmy.  It ain't so bad.  Ain't so bad at all.  9.0 of…


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Your Son Is Addicted To The Molecule, 8-Ball, And The Sword - Tuesday Shuffle

No Son Of Mine - Genesis.  Fitting song considering today's gay marriage case before the SCOTUS.  Phil and company are civil rights pioneers.  At least I think this song is somewhat related to the cause.  Upon further listen, no, it has nothing to do with that.  My bad.  Absolutely stellar song though.

Addicted To Chaos - Megadeth.…


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Tell The Dr. About Your Summertime Dreams Of Living Nowhere - Sunday Shuffle

I'm Alive - Anthrax.  8.6 of 10.

Dream - Blue Sky Riders.  5.0 of 10.  

Summer's Kiss - Farewood.  7.6 of 10.

From Out Of Nowhere - Faith No More.  9.1 of 10.

Dr. Lee, PhD - Beastie Boys feat. Money Mark.  6.5 of 10.

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That Woman Lives To Dress As An Acid Punk On Halloween - Thursday Shuffle

Punk It Up - Infectious Grooves.  9.0 of 10.

Cheatin' Woman - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  8.6 of 10.

The Last Place That Love Lives - The Black Crowes.  8.7 of 10.

Halloween - Helloween.  7.4 of 10.

Battery Acid - Queens Of The Stone Age.  8.3 of 10.

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Following Yesterday's Big Revelation, Time Became Inconsequential - Wednesday Shuffle

One Big Mob - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  6.2 of 10.

Follow You Down - The Twilight Singers.  8.8 of 10.

Revelations - Audioslave.  8.8 of 10.

Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love) - The Black Crowes.  8.8 of 10.

Yesterdays - Guns N' Roses.  8.3 of 10.

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Lured By Music, That Mutant Thing Was Brought Down In The River - Tuesday Shuffle

Mute Departure - Cult Of Luna.  Dreaming of your perfect atmospheric progressive black death metal album?  Vertikal is better than that.  I'm 100% surprised by how much I like this.  This song is a great combination of heavy, not so heavy, odd instrumentation, melody, virtuosity, and the understated.

Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Alex Winter was in the video for this song.  I didn't have to look up that little tidbit because I was a hardcore Pepperhead for a while.…


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Meir Is A Massive Moster - Monday Non-Shuffle

No Shuffle tonight as I will be listening to the full album stream of Meir by Kvelertak multiple times.

You should do the same.  …


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Relentlessly Ingesting Caffeine And Cigarettes At The Bar Will Cause Swollen Organs - Sunday Shuffle

Relentless Revolution - Death Angel.  8.7 of 10.

Swollen & Halo - Baroness.  8.7 of 10.

Cigarettes - King's X.  8.7 of 10.

Caffeine - Faith No More.  9.1 of 10.

Crossing The Bar - Crippled Black Phoenix.  8.4 of 10.

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The Nature Of A Wave Is To Unite Crying Telepaths With Giants - Thursday Shuffle

Underneath The Waves - The Twilight Singers.  8.3 of 10.

Crying (Telepathe Remix) - TV On The Radio.  7.2 of 10.

Unite - Beastie Boys.  8.0 of 10.

Naturally High - The Cult.  7.8 of 10.  *editors sarcastic note*  suuuuuuuuure*

Sleeping Giant - Mastodon.  8.8 of 10.

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Don't Think About Grabbing The Sword Under The Light, Just Walk Away - Tuesday Shuffle

The Shuffle has the potential of being drastically altered.  South By Southwest has offered up a track from every band playing the 2013 festival by torrent and I have downloaded the entire file.  That's 1200 tracks of possible mind numbing douchery and hipsterism.  I'm committed to the format so we'll see how it goes.

Walk Away - Five Finger Death Punch.  Whew.  Glad that I wasn't hit with some third rate banjo and beard bullshit.  I dig FFDP.  This song is a bit light in the…


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Amazing Teachers Sing From The Page With Authority - Tuesday Shuffle

Hot For Teacher - Van Halen.  Crazy beats!  DLR has been making the media rounds lately and for the first time in his life, he's coming off as sane and sincere.  Turns out that a sickly Eddie was the only reason the tour was cancelled and he wants Michael Anthony back in the fold.

Authority Song - John Mellencamp.  I wanted to be sent to Melon Camp when I was a kid.  I went to vacation bible school instead.  Frowny face.

Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five.…


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Radio Muzzles Facts About The Suicide Rate In Hollywood Among Dumb People - Monday Shuffle

North Hollywood - Van Hunt.  8.3 of 10.

Suicide Blonde - INXS.  9.0 of 10.

Big Dumb Sex - Soundgarden.  8.9 of 10.

The Radio Is Clash - The Clash.  8.0 of 10.

Muzzle - Smashing Pumpkins.  8.6 of 10.

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Sorrow Is The Fuel That Burns Everything - Sunday Shuffle

The End Of Everything - Chris Isaak.  Dang Chris, don't do anything drastic!  8.8 of 10.

Naked Burn - Mastodon.  Naked burns can usually be treated with a simple shot.  8.8 of 10.

Mano De Mono - Corrosion Of Conformity.  It's a disease you get from kissing hands.  The Pope and mafioso types are common carriers.  7.2 of 10.

Fueled - Anthrax.  I'm fueled by hibachi grill tonight.  It was good.  8.8 of 10.

Sea Of Sorrow - Alice In…


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The Promise Of Love Lights The Only Way, It's Beautiful - Thursday Shuffle

Promise (feat. Chris Cornell) - Slash.  8.3 of 10.

Looking For Love - King's X.  8.6 of 10.

Do It - Neil Diamond.  8.4 of 10.

Lightning Bulb - Dinosaur Jr.  8.7 of 10.

Only The Young - Journey.  8.2 of 10.

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The One Prancing Against The Wall Has A Thing For Damaged Pieces - Tuesday Shuffle

One By One - The Trews.  Canada!  I like Foo Fighter's One By One infinitely more.  That's not to say there isn't any merit here.  It made me think about driving in north Ontario.  I would have never had that thought otherwise.  Good tune.

Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots.  Weiland was fat in this video.  I'm glad fat Weiland is back.  Skinny Weiland was a douche.  Fat Weiland can make things happen.  The "firing" is just a publicity stunt.

Against The Wind…


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The Gardens Of Hell Produce Bill's Favorite Pears - Monday Shuffle

Cowboys From Hell - Pantera.  You can dance the Jitterbug and Lindy Hop to this!  9.3 of 10.

Thanks Bill - El Ten Eleven.  Bill needs more than your thanks.  A bonus for Bill?  9.0 of 10.

The Garden (feat Puppetmastaz) - Mustard Pimp.  Mustard Pimp sucks.  Puppetmastaz are terrible.  5.0 of 10.

3 Pears - Dwight Yoakam.  He really means pairs.  Regardless, I really mean 9.2 of 10!

Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Nostalgia…


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Use A Plastic Chair To Test The Depth Of Ghost Lake - Sunday Shuffle

Big Ups to American Express Fraud Protection Services for thwarting those pesky Brazilians!

The Chair - Living Colour.  8.5 of 10.

Just A Test - Beastie Boys.  8.5 of 10.

Ghost Of A Chance - Rush.  8.9 of 10.

Plastic - Portishead.  8.0 of 10.

Deep - Pearl Jam.  9.0 of 10,

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