Your Wife Cleans The Devil's Sorrow - Thursday Shuffle

So Fresh So Clean - Outkast.  Rap at its absolute best.  Real production, real musicians, fun chorus, bright lyrics.  Jack Tripper is name checked!  What's not to like about a song that mentions Jack Tripper?  Nothing.  I sometimes think that Andre is an exceptional.  He's likely better than most people.


Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones.  This is probably my favorite Stones song.  Funky tribal drums to open up, piano throughout, and somewhat taboo subject matter.  It's also a history lesson.  Thanks for the education Mick!  I would have never cared to find out about the Czar and his ministers without your wonderful song.


My Brother's Wife - Butthole Surfers.  Imagine an army of tripping hippies coming to take your wife and children away...  This would be their marching music.  It's the theme of Nazi Hippy Druggy Socialist Freaks the world over.  There should be an investigation before it get's out of hand.  Politics aside, it's really good.


Harvester Of Sorrow - Metallica.  I knew this song on the first drum beat.  22 years of listening to it though headphones and car speakers and jerry-rigged living room systems has ingrained every nuance into permanent brain scars.  If I somehow became an amnesiac, just play ...And Justice For All and some semblance of my normal self will come though. 


Milez Iz Ded - Zykos.  A more than decent cover from the Summer's Kiss: A Tribute To The Afghan Whigs disc.  Outside of the cooler than a hipster vocals I really dig the way these guys went with this song.  Love the angry piano and the more than sinister drums.



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