Your Son Is Addicted To The Molecule, 8-Ball, And The Sword - Tuesday Shuffle

No Son Of Mine - Genesis.  Fitting song considering today's gay marriage case before the SCOTUS.  Phil and company are civil rights pioneers.  At least I think this song is somewhat related to the cause.  Upon further listen, no, it has nothing to do with that.  My bad.  Absolutely stellar song though.

Addicted To Chaos - Megadeth.  Slow 'Deth songs almost always suck.  This one is somewhat pleasing to the ear hole right now but suck factor futures remain high.

The Demiurge Molecule - Dimmu Borgir.  The proper term is Higgs boson molecule.  It's unsavory to thrust deification onto the masses even if it's universally accepted that Dimmu Borgir are rock titans.

By The Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale) - Slash.  What I wrote a week ago remains true.

8-Ball - NWA.  Messicans shouldn't be almost wrecking Eazy's shit and bitches should be less critical of his breaf.

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