Your Praise Is Like A Lounging Surprise Tainted With Poison - Wednesday Shuffle

Praise - Sevendust.  Soulful voices work well in rock.  Lajon has one of the best voices, soulful or not, in rock.   I have a lot of Sevendust on iTunes but never seek them out even though I know they should be among my favorite bands.  I'd be all in if it weren't for the occasional angry white guy rap.


Poison Apples.  I gave John Corabi a good ribbing the other day but I really like this song.  It sounds like Motley Crue with a good singer and Motley Crue definitely reaps the good singer benefits on this track.


Is It Done - J. Mascis.  Holy shit!  This came on and my reaction was pleasant.  Over all, the J. Mascis solo album let me down but this song is great.  It's not a noodling mess.  There is structure and progression.  The toned down electric solo is really nice too.  I'm satisfied.


Bob's Party Time Lounge - Primus.  Ah a repeat from a couple of weeks ago.  I'd usually bitch about the frequent storms knocking the power out and fucking up the shuffle but I'm happy this came back around.  Every thing I said before still stands.  I'm just gonna tap my tootsies and enjoy.


No Surprise - Ratt.  About damn time I get a Ratt song.  They were my favorite 80's rock band.  Hell, they still are my favorite 80's rock band.  A redneck made fun of me for dancing to them at festival in Oklahoma last year.  The barbs of a redneck did not deter me from cutting a goddamn rug.  They speak to my movement muse.  Or something.

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