Your Mother's Dog Is A Rusty Janitor - Monday Shuffle

Janitor - Toad The Wet Sprocket.  This guys voice is killing me.  TTWS and a headache don't mix,


Kingdom Of Rust - Doves.  It's a chuck wagon galloping kind of song but sung by a nasally English fop.  It doesn't help with the headache either.


Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook.  Poor Dr. Hook is emotional 'cause his woman ran off.  Man up Dr. Hook.  I can't imagine a woman named Sylvia is all that good lookin' anyway.  You can do better than Sylvia.


Dogs Of Light - TV On The Radio.  TV On The Radio does their some of their best work when they slow it down and mix in the horns.  The female voice adds something too.  I like it.


Puddin Taine - Primus.  This could easily be my theme song.  'Cause they call me Puddin' Taine.

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