Who Was In That Long Line For The Turning Wheel? Wednesday Shuffle

The Last In Line - Dio.  I was just sitting here thinking about the shuffle and hoping that I would get some RJD.  When this came up I couldn't help but think that it was Ronnie looking down (or up) on me and made it happen with his special brand of wizardry.  I'll pour one out for my dead homie later.  Last In Line may be the song I'd point to if someone was looking to learn more about Dio.  It's not too elven or evil and not too heavy for the average rock fan.  Satisfaction.


Hurt A Long Time - Jerry Cantrell.  I do enjoy a good downer song from time to time.  This so happens to be one of the best downer songs ever.  Jerry is one hell of a song writer.  I don't even know what this song is about but it is emotional with a distinctive somber flavor.  Even at that, there is hope buried in there too.  This is definitely a Jerry solo song.  He does a good job at making it his own.


Turn The Page - Metallica.  I hate to besmirch the legacy of Captain Bob Seger but this version is better than his.  Metallica really does know how to punch up great tunes.  I imagine that Bob would be more fun to hang out with though.  Never met a Bob that wasn't full of good times and the name Lars is synonymous with profound assholery. 


Wild One - Dio.  Nice!  More RJD!  This one is a little more advanced than The Last In Line.  No mention of centaurs or huge spiders but it does rely a little more on the metal side of rock.  I'd let the potential RJD fan find this one on their own.  Blistering solos aren't for everyone.  Usually those non fans of blistering solos are dick bags to begin with.


Battle Of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds Five.  It just so happens that I really enjoy Ben Folds.  It doesn't make me gay or excessively sensitive or any other negative or derogatory thing you could say about a person.  So what if I like bouncy piano music?  Am I a less of a person for enjoying a breakup song from time to time?  No.  Ben Folds might be a fancy man but he makes good music.  Nothing wrong with that at all. 

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