When Running And Reaching For The Vessel, Don't Fall On Your Side - Thursday Shuffle

Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound - The Mars Volta.  The proggy alternative vibe is turned down a bit, still interesting though.  It almost has a mellowish Coheed & Cambria sound.  This last album of theirs, Noctourniquest, is full of surprises.  Might be my favorite from them.

By My Side - INXS.  Picked up this at the used place for a dollar.  Haven't listened to it yet and the only song I know on the disc is Suicide Blonde.  This song is kinda boring.  It needs some, even a dash of zazz.  Hutchinson chased the ultimate zazz and lost.  Be careful with your zazz ingestion people.  Moderation is the key.

Godless Run - W.A.S.P.   Blackie hits all the right spots when doing a power ballad.  Slow build, impassioned singing, blistering solo, ending in full on rock mode.  God bless Blackie Lawless, Savior Of The Form.

Reach Down - Temple Of The Dog.  Painfully long and probably the most dated sounding song on the disc.  11 minutes of jam band nonsense. 

If You Don't Like It - Cinderella.  I can find no fault in this.  Cinderella should have been critical darlings.  They're so much more than most of the mediocre stuff in the 80's.  Tesla, Ratt, and Cinderella are the trifecta of awesomeness.  It's possible I'd lose a couple of grams of fluid if they went on tour together.

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