When Hunting, Remember, No Cheese Should Be Black - Monday Shuffle

Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair - The Twilight Singers.  I've had this cover on the ol' shuffle machine since it came out but I've never bothered to see who was the original singer.  Oh, I guess it was some Appalachian folk tune that was covered by Nina Simone.  Good enough.  Not gonna seek it out.  I like this version.

American Cheese (Jerry's Pianto) - King's X.  They're trying too hard to be the Beatles.  Ear Candy is decent enough but this song needs a serious dose of rock to make it listenable.  

I Remember You - Skid Row.  I've slow danced to this song.  Often.  Most of those dances were in the dark and by myself.  I was also in my late twenties when all of the dances happened....  Oh yeah, I refused to use my arms.  Just a dark room and a lonely fella with dead arms shuffling around and calling it dancing.  The way God intended.  Well, the solo is the best power ballad solo ever recorded.  Hyperbole!!!!  *it really is.

Oh No - The Commodores.  Lionel Richie is one of my favorite singers.  This is really good pop/soul music produced by a more than capable band.  If Lionel was handsome he'd be the biggest star in the world.  But he's not.  He's ugly.  Very, very ugly.

The Hunter - Dokken.  I'm sick of Dokken.  I've worn out my appreciation for the old Dokken stuff by seeing the shitty current version several times over the last few years.  When I say "shitty version" I don't mean the band.  All of the replacement players are supremely skilled.  I mean Don Dokken.  He's a fat, drunken mess that doesn't care about putting on a decent show.  Save your money if Dokken comes to your town. 

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