Wanting Is Wasteful, Having Is Both Restful And Knowing - Monday Shuffle

Want - The Cure.  Wild Mood Swings is a great album, top to bottom.  If The Cure could ever be "heavy" this is it.  Thunderous bass, screeching guitars, drum fills... it has it all.  There's an almost cinematic feel here.  It should definitely be a part of the score to a gritty HBO style drama.

Restin' Bones - Primus.  It's one of those Primus songs you'd think is nothing but filler on first listen but it grows on you.  Listen intently with headphones and there are a few sonic surprises sprinkled in.

What If I Knew - Dinosaur Jr.  Shoe gazing J. looks up and makes a few realizations about the world on this one.  I reckon it's one of my favorite DJ songs.  Hot solo, good chorus..  all around enjoyable.

Both Sides Of The Story - Phil Collins.  Phil is trying to recapture Take Me Home without much success. It's just more of the same from a seemingly uninspired musician.  Sometimes the well is dry and not doing anything is better than pulling up a bucket of mud.

Life Wasted - Pearl Jam.  I like the self titled album much more than Binaural and Riot Act.  It's not Ten quality by any means (or even Yield or No Code) but there are more than a couple memorable songs.  Inside Job - Life Wasted - World Wide Suicide, all gems.  Gonna listen to Inside Job now!

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