Home - Foo Fighters.  The last Foo was only decent, this song was a standout.  Cant wait for the new one.  Got it on order but I may consider a poached version to satiate.


Dream - Van Halen.  I can totally rock this on a Casio.  Grew to dislike Sammy but I was awful excited when 5150 came out.


Idle Hands - Gutter Twins.  The first time I heard this song I thought it was influenced by Megadeth.  Damn good surprise from Greg and Mark.


What You Are - Dave Matthews Band.  Christ this is a bit embarrassing.  Yes, I do own some DMB.  Guess the Shuffle will sometimes air my dirty laundry.


Miserable - Lit.  Saw these guys at a porn convention once.  There might have been 30 people watching as a couple hundred more played too cool for school and mingled.



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