Top 125 Albums Of The 2010s 110-101

My top 125 albums of the 2010s based entirely on the total number of documented plays in iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, the Amazon Cloud Player, and physical media. A band or solo artist can only appear once in the top 125. Collaborations or an artist that appears in other bands are included. Every album on the list was purchased in some manner.


110. Deftones Diamond Eyes

109. Living Colour Shade

108. Black Sabbath 13

107. Carcass Surgical Steel

106. Lady Gaga Born This Way

105. Sturgil Simpson Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

104. Chris Stapleton From A Room Volume I

103. Reviere Heal

102. The Ocean Pelagial

101. The Magpie Salute High Water I

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