The Spectrum Of Time Is An Island Of Walking Lies - Tuesday Shuffle

Got The Time - Anthrax.  More of a punk anthem than a thrashing metal song expected from Anthrax.  Seems like Green Day took more than a little inspiration from this song.  Great bass line.


Devil's Island - Megadeth.  Ooooh, spooky devil worshiping Megadeth.  It's my favorite kind of Megadeth.  Third or fourth best track on their best release.


On The Backs Of Angels - Dream Theater.  Too much technicality, not enough groove.  That's always been the case with Dream Theater though.  Good in small doses.


The Ever Changing Spectrum Of A Lie - The Joy Formidable.  I cannot fully describe how enamored I am with this band.  Full on aggression of metal tempered with the sweetness of a female vocalist with a really weird edge.  


Walk - Pantera.  RE-SPECT!  to one of the finest metal songs ever.

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