The One Prancing Against The Wall Has A Thing For Damaged Pieces - Tuesday Shuffle

One By One - The Trews.  Canada!  I like Foo Fighter's One By One infinitely more.  That's not to say there isn't any merit here.  It made me think about driving in north Ontario.  I would have never had that thought otherwise.  Good tune.

Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots.  Weiland was fat in this video.  I'm glad fat Weiland is back.  Skinny Weiland was a douche.  Fat Weiland can make things happen.  The "firing" is just a publicity stunt.

Against The Wind - The Highwaymen.  This is nearly 30 years old and they were already singing like somber old men.  30 years ago would put most of the members in their late 40's to mid 50's.  I'm almost 40 and don't feel the need to look back like some defeated codger.  Shit, this makes me sad.  Am I going to become wistful and codgerly in the next ten years?

Prissy Prancin' - Eagles Of Death Metal.  I could go for some prissy prancing but it has to be done in the privacy of my own home.  Fun squared.

Pieces - Dinosaur Jr.  Nothing ground breaking, it's just a good DJ song.  A good DJ song always puts me in a good mood.  Hell, it's negated the earlier Highwaymen sponsored bummer.

Damage Case - Motorhead.  ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

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