The Lord's Royal Pillow Was Soaked In Oil And Placed At The Top Of The Stairs By A Prisoner - Wednesday Shuffle

Lords Of Karma - Joe Satriani.  Hey man, Karma isn't governed by any type of lord.  It just exists to create balance, man.  Your western ideals are corrupting something beautiful.  Things don't exist to be ruled, man.  You might think you're a master of the axe, man, but the guitar is just allowing your good karma to flow through.  Bad karma will happen when you're busted at the airport with puppy fur and meth, man.

Pillow - King's X.  I'd like to make a joke about Dug being a pillow biter but it's too obvious.  He uses the pillow to prop up his pelvis without having to be on his hands and knees.  No pillow biting going on at all.  There's something a little different about this King's X song.  There's a real angry flavor going on.  It's sludgy and mean.

Royal Oil - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  I know MMB is supposed to be a ska band but they're really not that great of a ska band.  They do better with the harder rock and metal tinted stuff.  What is Royal Oil anyway?  Nonsensical bullshit if you ask me.

Take No Prisoners - Megadeth.  Peace Sells dominates Rust In Peace in every possible way.  Rust is all over the damn place without reason.  A completely coked out of his mind Dave Mustaine isn't worth a damn.  A properly coked up Dave is a gem.  Dave was properly coked up on Peace Sells and cocaine crazy on Rust.  Somehow he found a way to be out of his mind without being coked up.  Hopefully his current mental state produces some decent new music.

The Stairs - INXS.  Do I know this song?  I think I know this song.  It ain't bad.  Michael Hutchence had a great voice for a pretty boy pervert.

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