The Light Of Babylons Fire Buns On The Back Of Your Holiday - Thursday Shuffle

Holiday - Green Day.  I don't care for this song at all and, thus, have very little to say about it.  Trying to find beauty and joy where I can.  Move on when it's not present.  Unless I really hate it.  

Dogs Of Light - TV On The Radio.  Tonight's Shuffle is starting off with a wimper.  There's no passion on this song.  It's gonna be nap time unless things pick up.

On The Corner - The Twilight Singers.  Alright!  Some decency pops in to liven things up.  It's almost jazzy metal.  I now consider this album, Dynamite Steps, on par with Blackberry Belle.  I loved it on first listen but it has grown into an eteranal must have.

A Fire In Babylon - Shadows Fall.  I like Shadows Fall a bit but would have never bought this album had it not been in the cheap bin at FYE.  Have had it for a while but it's not something I just put on to rock out to.

Breaks My Back - Jerry Cantrell.  Good song off of a great album.  It's a little slower than I had hoped for to round out a shuffle but it's still not terrible.  Can't wait for the new Alice album.

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