The Flames Of Violence Blackened That Again - Sunday Shuffle

Violence Fetish - Disturbed.  I don't get Disturbed.  They are a cut rate Korn and the Caribbean rap affectation makes me cringe.  The song title and the band's name rub me the wrong way.  There is nothing imposing or deviant about it.  I am most definitely not disturbed.  I am just angry that I own this terrible music.


Something Like That - NWA.  MC Ren is kicking mucho ass.  One of my least favorite NWA songs but I always enjoy it nonetheless.


Again - Alice In Chains.  AIC is metal.  This song is metal.  They're also the grungiest of the grungers.  There are a lot of conflicted metal heads out there.  I proudly straddle the fence on this one.  AIC is a fantastic metal grunge band and that's okay with me.


Blackened - Metallica.  I have listened to this song at least five times a month since it came out in 1989.  That's 22 years times 12 months multiplied by 5 times a month.  That's 1320 times.  The song is 401 seconds long.  In all, that's over 6 days of my life spent listening to Blackened.  I'm more proud of that life stat than nearly anything I've ever done.  Best 6 days ever!


In The Flame Of Error - Coheed & Cambria.  I haven't spent nearly as much time listening to this one as I have Blackened and it's turning into a major regret.  This song is only a year and a half old so I guess there is time to catch up.  At least there I hope there is time to catch up.  I'd hate to die without living with this song for 22 years.  These songs can take some time to properly ferment.  





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