The Evidence Has Been Compromised By Time, Using It Would Violate Some Laws Of The Land - Wednesday Shuffle

Evidence by Faith No More.  Mike Patton legitimized high-waist chinos for non-cholos in this video.   One of my all time favorite FNM songs.  Doesn't sound like anything they produced before but instantly recognizable as FNM.  9.3 of 10.

This Time by Chris Isaak.  Cool, another of my favorite acts from the 90's.  Chris Isaak is a damn fine rock musician.  He's far from metal but keeps it interesting.  Fuzzy guitars here, almost a Queens Of The Stone Age kind of fuzz.  8.8 of 10.

Raise Some Hell by The Dirty River Boys.  I thought this was Dropkick Murphy's Shipping Up To Boston for a full 30 seconds before I read the title.  Infuriating level of thievery.  The Dirty River Boys are shit bags.  Bomb.

Violate by Machine Head.  Machine Head vexes me.  Sometimes they're all nu-metal and it's unlistenable.  Other times they're straight thrash and that's good stuff.  Here they're sludgey and plodding and completely in a groove.  I like this incarnation of Machine Head best.  8.9 of 10.

Summerland by King's X.  This is the least interesting track on Gretchen Goes To Nebraska.  The solo is a definite bright spot in an otherwise overcast/average song.

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