The Beautiful Moon Is For Exiled Heroes - Tuesday Shuffle

Mississippi Moon - King's X.  A Mississippi moon is overrated.  It looks exactly like an Arkansas moon.  Another tune on Ear Candy that sounds too much like a cut rate Beatles song.

Sleeping Beauty - A Perfect Circle.  No complaints, brah.  Well, maybe one complaint.  It's not 3 Libras.

My Hero - Foo Fighters.  Second best song on The Colour And The Shape.  So excited to see them at Music Midtown next month!  Probably equally excited to see Pearl Jam too.  It's going to be a 90's alt rock throw down.

Not Just For The Dead - King's X.  Appropriately weird for King's X.  I kinda dig it when Dug breaks out the black singing voice.  The sitar could have been scaled back a bit

You Gotta Let Me In - The Trews.  Canada!  I'd live there if they didn't try to censor speech and it was a sovereign US territory.  The song is pretty good.

Out Of Exile - Audioslave.  The band was great but I'm glad all parties involved went back to to what they should have never quit. 

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