That Man, The Manic One, Lost His Cap At Sea - Monday Shuffle

Manic Monday by The Bangles. I learned Funday Sunday has been a regular thing for three decades and Valentino could pitch woo sixty years after his death by listening to this song. 9.0 of 10.

One Last Thing by Angels & Airwaves. Angels & Airwaves could have been huge if it weren't for the California style vocals. 8.7 of 10.

Behind The Sea by Panic! At The Disco. Panic! At The Disco gave permission to the beard & banjo contingent to come out the their holes. Boo. Still tho, 'taint terrible. 7.1 of 10.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezer. Weezer rap isn't good. It's still not good when it's Kid Rock flavored rap with a shot of Radiohead. This thing is all over the place, now it sounds like Queen. The Queen sound didn't fix it. 6.4 of 10.

Blasting Cap by The Woggles. Australia definitely has a sound. It's usually good stuff. 8.3 of 10.

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