That Kid Having A Party In The Sand Is Making A Mess By Leaving Trash All Over - Monday Shuffle

Makin' A Mess by Skid Row. The "new" guy is good but he's just not Sebastian Bach level of great. I'd gladly pay upwards of $50 to see a fully reunited Skid Row. 8.5 of 10.

Zumbi Puro Party. Latin tinted club music. Imagine Cuba if it was never under communist rule. 6.0 of 10.

Marker In The Sand by Pearl Jam. The self titled disc is probably my favorite post 2000 Pearl Jam album. A lot of that favorite comes from songs like this. 8.7 of 10.

Take It Or Leave It by Jet. Jet breaking up is a black eye on the credibility of Australian rock n' roll. Australia needs another perpetually popular international band. AC/DC isn't gonna be around forever. 8.6 of 10.

Invisible Kid by Metallica. Even as a St. Anger apologist, I hate this song. Bomb

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