She Wanted A Quality Transmission But The Voices Told Her To Weather The Storm Away From The Shop - Sunday Shuffle

Trani by Kings Of Leon. Too much uncut bluesy stuff going on here to be a full on great KOL song but not enough to make it terrible. 8.4 of 10.

She Wants Money by Ratt. I read the title of the song in an Andrew Dice Clay voice even though he said "He needed the money" in that particular poem. 8.4 of 10.

Voices by Dream Theater. The most impressive thing about Dream Theater is that they didn't attempt to be all high and mighty by spelling it Dream Theatre. This isn't my favorite song from them. 7.8 of 10.

Storm In A Teacup by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Too much shitty Anthony rap, not enough Frusciante being the master he is. 7.8 of 10.

Far, Far Away by King's X. I have no criticism of this song. It was years ahead of popular music of the day. 9.3 of 10.

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