My House Is Never Open To The Devil's Mud - Wednesday Shuffle.

In House Christmas Carol - Baby Cakes.  This is my all time favorite Christmas carol.  Go find it and enjoy.  Never mind, I found it for you.  This is a lesser version though.  It lacks the essential Phoebe Cates passage.



Mudd - King's X.  I have too much King's X.  It shows up way too much in the shuffle and takes away from their awesomeness.  This song is pretty damn good even though it's not too different than most of what they put it out.  It's about death too.  Probably the death of one of Doug's homosexual partners or his mom.  You know how THOSE** people love their mothers and homosexual partners.


Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels.  I like to imagine Charlie whipping his children with his fiddle bow.  There are three people in the entire world that don't like this song and I have been in a fist fight with two of them.  The third is hiding from me in South Africa. The band of demons part is more metal than most things considered metal these days.  Superb American music.


Open Arms - Journey.  I once went back to a really bad relationship after hearing this song.  Seriously, Journey does nothing but encourage bad decisions.  If I took the time to think about it, I could probably trace all of my problems back to a Journey song.  I wont stop listening though.   They're the crack cocaine of popular music.


In My Tree - Pearl Jam.  This is the best Pearl Jam song.  Period.  I won't even entertain dissenting opinions.  It's like nothing they've done before or since and it has given me goosebumps every time I've ever heard it.  In My Tree is essentially magic.  It always changes my mood.  





**Rock stars.  I am neither homophobic or racist and resent you for thinking I am.

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