My Enemy's Eye Will End The Day Peering Into Nothingness - Tuesday Shuffle

Nothingness - Living Colour.  Too much new age feel goodery, not enough rock.  Thems beats be all kinds of funky though.  Too bad said beats are drowned out by cricket noises and a really annoying synthesizer.  Experimentation gone awry.

Eye Of The Beholder - Metallica.  This song doesn't get enough respect in the realm of respected Metallica classics.  It's the least thrashy song on a real thrasher of an album but is likable nonetheless.  I will say that this song suffers from the infamous shitty bass mix on Justice.  It's obvious.

Xmas Day - Sevendust.  There's a war on Christmas in America and Sevendust is a front line warrior.  Shame on them for not titling this song Christmas Day. (Not really)  This song isn't great but far from a stinker.  The singer's voice is always interesting but I don't care all that much for the contemporary power ballad.

My Enemy (Remix) - Skid Row.  Finally!  A bit more rock sauce for my evening musical concoction.  Skid Row could have been a straight up thrash band under a slightly different set of circumstances.  This is really, really good hard rock that flirts with metal.

In The End - Anthrax.  Even though I listen to the whole album at least once a month, I'm surprised how fresh and ambitious Worship Music is when it pops up on the shuffle.  I'd never expect this from a bunch of dudes pushing 50.  

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