Of Mice and Men - Megadeth.  Ahh, the reflective Mustaine.  Plodding and kinda uninspired.  One of the lesser tracks on The System Has Failed.


Kitchenware and Candybars - Stone Temple Pilots.  Haven't heard this one in a while.  Not much to say.  It's okay.  The lounge singing at the end kinda sucks.


My Brother's Wife - Butthole Surfers.  Fantastic weird shit.  Lots or synth, great beat, over usage of stereo.  What's not to like?


I Against I - Massive Attack and Mos Def.  Picked this up for free (legitimately) and havent listened to it yet.  Q-Tip does a better version of Mos Def.  I generally like this kind of techno/rap mash up.  Gonna take a couple more listens soon.


Aint Waistin' Time No More - The Allman Brothers Band.  I spent most of 90's trying to avoid southern rock.  I missed out.  The Allman Brothers Band are pretty damn good.  This song is heartfelt.

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