Modern Pigs Run From The Rain - Thursday Shuffle

War Pigs - Faith No More.  While this is a fairly straight up cover, I think it's better than the original.  The guitar tone is better, there is more energy and I like Patton's voice better than young Ozzy's.  They took a really good song and made it really fantastic.  Please don't hate me for speaking the truth.  It's okay to be miffed though.


Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla.  I probably listened to this tape more than any other on my Walkman while I delivered papers in the subzero, predawn South Dakota plains as a kid.  I spent most of this time in a paralyzing fear of the Soviets launching a sneaky nuclear attack.  Honestly, I am nostalgic for that terror.  I now realize there was comfort in knowing I would be vaporized in a painless moment.  Weird tangent.  This song is one of my all time favorites.  I can still remember all of the subscribing homes on my route.


Another Hit And Run - Def Leppard.  Awesome!  High 'N' Dry is such a great album.  I always love it when one of these old gems pops up on the shuffle.  This was dirty Brit rock at it's best.  They were such a great band up until that Adrenalize piece of shit.


25 Years - Pantera.  The damn used record stores I frequent never have Vulgar Display of Power.  I have no tracks from that album.  Hell, they never have Cowboys From Hell either.  Most of the tracks I have are shitty stolen versions from the Napster days.  Anyway, this is one of the rare Pantera songs that evokes nothing in me.  I can process that it's a good song on an intellectual level but I have no feelings toward it.


Purple Rain - Prince & the Revolution.  I've added a bunch of post Purple Rain Prince to my "to buy" list.  If he captures a tenth of what this song is on any of those recordings it'll be worth the purchase.  I love this.  He's a superb guitarist.  Hell, he's a superb musician and probably the kind of genius that would have been executed for heresy two centuries ago.  Prince is truth.

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