Mama is Outside Dedicating The Park - Thursday Shuffle

Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel.  Up until a couple of weeks ago I liked most Billy Joel songs.  Some switch flipped and I've had an irrational, seething hatred of this man lately.  Seriously, I dwell on my dislike of Billy Joel more than is healthy.


Dedicate It - The Afghan Whigs.  Good enough for a pre-major label release song but I rarely seek it out.


Lakeside Park - Rush.  Tim Horton's is pretty much Dunkin Donuts.  I guess it's important for the Canadians to have a few differences.  Seems like Rush has taken this principle to heart and made Lakeside Park sound like a day at Coney Island.


The Outsiders - Kingdom of Rust.  I got this album for free.  Someone thought I would like it and gave it to me.  I would if it wasn't for the Cold Play impression the singer does.


Mama Weer All Crazee Now - Quiet Riot.  You know the song and you fucking love it.  Dont pretend otherwise.

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