Look Where The Letter Lives, In The Street - Tuesday Shuffle

Front Street - The Gutter Twins.  Powder Burns lingers on this track.  A few cliches and not a lot of musical theatrics.  Lanagan does creep up the track though, makes it interesting.  Too much time spent building up to the intense ending.   Cut the length to 3 minutes and it'd be great.

Live Forever - Sixx A.M.  Okay, the first Sixx A.M. disc was fantastic but this second one is just... so-so. The singer sounds like every other contemporary rock singer.  The few bits of a riff are interesting.  I dunno, it just doesn't please the ear hole the way an ear hole deserves to be pleased.   The solo is fun.

The Letter - Everlast.  Jeez, this shuffle is turning out to be a list of marginal songs by usually capable artists.  The Whitey Ford album hasn't held up for me.

Look Out Below - Ratt.  Cheese and crackers!  Another kinda shitty song by a band I really like.  There's not a lot I hate about this but there isn't a lot to like either.

Pas De Cheval - Panic! At The Disco.  Fuck this shit.  Skipping.  Time for a bonus song.

Where Dragons Dwell - Gorjira.  Gojira is fast becoming one of my favorite bands.  It took a long time to get over my bias but I no longer care that they're French.  They're just a great metal band.  Don't take that as an acceptance of French culture though.  Those people still skeeve me out.  If Gorjira were from Quebec I doubt I'd give them any attention at all.  People form Quebec are worse than the French.

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