Let The Downed Tree Sprout One Young Sapling - Thursday Shuffle

Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I found $20 in front of the counter at Musicland when buying this tape in 1989.  $20 was a godsend back then.  Been a mostly devoted RHCP fan since.  Finding another twenty when purchasing something Peppers related would cement my admiration.  I'd even quit talking shit about Anthony.

One Chance - Modest Mouse.  Good News For People Who Love Bad News is a top ten album of the 2000's.  Talented, violent, and weird musicians can do great things when they focus.  

Family Tree - Megadeth.  Mustaine is a now a weirdo right wing birther.  If he and the Ultimate Warrior got together for a podcast I'd certainly subscribe.  As long as he keeps the politics out of his shows I'll continue to buy his music.  This isn't his best work though.  It's a notch above tolerable.

Forever Young - Chris Isaak.  This isn't rock or folk or anything definable.  It's just good, unique music.

You Gotta Let Me In - The Trews.  A Canadian friend turned me on to this band.  There's a taste of blue-eyed soul here, maybe a little gospel too.

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