Casting Shade - Shadows Fall.  Don't know much about this band or song.  Picked the CD up used and havent paid much attention.  Instrumental. So far it's not grabbing me.  Not bad though.

Duchess - The Gutter Twins.  A cover. Enjoyable cover too.  I only the know the song in this context though.

Grinder - Judas Priest.  Priest continual causes me to be dismayed.  Never understood why people go ape shit over them.  Just a regular shitty rock song.

This Is A Lie - The Cure.  Wild Mood Swings is mostly an upbeat album.  This song?  Not so much.  Nothing to dislike about it.

Six Broken Soldiers - King's X.  Fantastic weird shit.  I have no idea what any of it means but they do mention a caged up gorilla and fluent parrots.

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