Knowing The Trip Would Be Long, Her Family Boarded The Jet To Find El Dorado - Sunday Shuffle

Gotta Know - Dinosaur Jr.  The worst track on Hand It Over.  Meh.  Everyone is entitled and occasional stinker, including J.

Everlong - Foo Fighters.  Best song of the 90's.  Easily top 5 of all time.  Could be #1 for me in the correct mindset.

Family Tree - TV On The Radio.  Initially, I was disappointed by Dear Science.  It was so different from Cookie Mountain that I was turned off but it has grown on me since.  The newest one, however, remains a poop pile.  This song gets a solid B.

El Dorado - Iron Maiden.  Less than two weeks and I'll be rocking out hardcore to a classic Maiden show. Damn right muffuka.  Final Frontier didn't hit me like their 80's stuff but it was a good effort.

Jet City Woman - Queensryche.  Empire alternately excites and disgusts me.  I like this song a lot but will shoot a sumbitch that plays Della Brown.

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