Kate Is A Loser, She Missed The Sea Bound Dreamliner And The Train - Monday Shuffle

Dreamline - Rush.  Space fantasy and something about a desert aren't generally song worthy topics.  This is Rush so they get a pass.  It's not a classic but I'm always fairly happy when it comes up. 

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose - Ratt.  Another non-classic from a classic band.  This isn't great but I'm not enraged listening to it.  It's just flat.

Georgia On A Fast Train - Billy Joe Shaver.  Really good old timey outlaw country.  On par with Merle Haggard but not as good as Willie.  Very few things are as good as Willie Nelson.

Sea Of Sorrow - Alice In Chains.  Facelift is the best AIC album.  This is one of the better songs on that disc.  That makes this song very good.  It's deductive reasoning, yo.

Kate - Ben Folds Five.  I've been down on Ben Folds Five lately but this song puts me in a good mood.  It's gotta be the slowish naval gazing stuff that I dislike.

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