Jerry Wont Skin That Chinese Car - Tuesday Shuffle.

Gone (That'll Be Me) - Dwight Yoakum.  Dwight Yoakum is a much better person than Doyle Hargraves but I'm pretty sure that he is a tuning son of a bitch.  This song is just fun.


Skin - Sixx A.M.  Okay.  This is melodramatic schlock.  I have a lot of friends that love Nikki Sixx like he's a god but this is just not my cup of tea.  The fake tremble in the singer's voice might have pushed me into hate territory.  There is good stuff on this album though.  It's just not on this song.


Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Primus.  I was bitching about Primus being uninspired on their latest album the other day and I may have overreacted.  When they have perfection like this in their catalog, Les and the boys are entitled to an occasional clunker.  This dog remains a hunter.  The bridge is pure f'n metal.


Won't You Stay - Talib Kweli.  Talib Kweli should have gotten all of the attention instead of that mushed mouth idiot Kanye West.  He's more talented and infinitely more likable.  His style is more Brooklyn 1990 than bling'd out rapper stereotype.  This song is in the middle of the awesomeness spectrum though.  It's just good.


China Girl - David Bowie.  There was a best of Bowie at the used record store this weekend and I passed on it.  Kinda kicking myself now.  After seeing it I came home and spent two hours obsessively looking for David Bowie videos and listening to him on Spotify.  I think this is one of two or three Bowie songs I own.  Definitely need to expand on that.  Hopefully that CD hasn't sold yet.  I think this video was the causative trigger that set off my Asian girl fetish in the mid 90's.

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