It's Hard To Believe That Never Ending Peace Is A Possibility - Monday Shuffle

Neverender - Coheed & Cambria.  The less polished stuff can be good for an occasional listen.  C&C's talent grew on every subsequent release and I'd much rather listen to those albums.  Having this as a comparison makes me appreciate them more and want to hear what they are capable of.  There are flashes of brilliance on this track but the amateurishness makes it... amateurish.

Can't Catch The Train - Soulsavers.  This is a church hymn.  I want to hold a book and pretend to sing along even though I haven't been to church in decades.  Oh, I had some raw garlic with my dinner an hour ago.  How long does the flavor and scent last?  Guess I could breathe on a churchgoer and find out.

Peace On Earth - U2.  Take your idealistic bullshit and shove it, Bono.

Possibilities - Weezer.  Rockin' Weezer is much better than Punk Weezer.  That goes for pretty much everything.  Rock is better than Punk.

Hard Time - Ratt.  Probably my favorite track on Detonator.  It feels like they had an interest in making this song decent.  Most of that album is kinda flat.

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