In The End, You'll Never Disarm Laura's Supercharger With An Overture Of Peace - Wednesday Shuffle

Overture by Bjork.  7.1 of 10. Not exactly a song, more of a movie score thing.  It's okay I guess.

The End by Kings Of Leon.  7.1 of 10.  I want to like this more but it just sounds like a rehashed lick by a bored ass band.

Laura by Julie London.  Bomb.  Smooth jazz is despicable trash.

Supercharger by Machine Head.  7.0 of 10.  Machine Head get no more chances.  I guess my demographic group mandates that I should like them but I just don't.

Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins.  9.3 of 10. This, Cherub Rock, and 1979 are reasons enough to always like Smashing Pumpkins.

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