If The Spaniard's Crew Crosses The River, My Friend Will Tell His Secrets - Sunday Shuffle

Best Friend - Candle Box.  I've had this album for nearly a year and this is the first time it's ever come up on the Shuffle.  Candle Box can rock shit hard.  This song is great.  Kinda punky, kinda metal, a bit poppy.  Good stuff all around.

All Secrets Know - Alice In Chains.  It's a good thing that the band went on with a new singer and the same name.  Layne was an irreplaceable talent but the new guy holds his own.  Ultimately, this is Jerry's band and if he has someone that rocks and can harmonize, good on him for forging ahead.  This song is a top twenty AIC jam.  

Crew - A Tribe Called Quest.  The Key & Peele sketch the other night with the guy wearing the vinage Tribe shirt was fantastic.  Check it out.  Smokey is my favorite member too.  Actually it's Q-Tip.

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival.  I like the song but the mix on this version gives me a headache.  Next.

If - King's X.  Ogre Tones is probably their second best album.  It's a great starting point for potential King's X fans too.  Not too out there.  It stinks that the drummer had a heart attack.  Hope they're still able to make new music.  Been enjoying Ty's solo work lately too.  Guy's got chops.

Blue Spanish Sky - Chris Isaak.  Bonus round!  Couldn't let the crappy mix on the CCR track slow me down.  Chris Isaak is for men that allow themselves to get emotional while alone in a dark room drinking whiskey.  It's also good music when seeking music to inspire plans of revenge and murder.

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