Her Skin Had A Godly Sheen, Like An Alabama Rose Let Her Have It's Essence - Tuesday Shuffle

(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin - Pantera.  I feel cheated that there will never be another Pantera album.  This is aggression, hate and groove all rolled into a fantastic song.  Dimebag deserves every bit of praise he's ever gotten.

Alabama - Neil Young.  It's the song that gave life to Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.  Thanks Neil!  Beyond that, it's a pretty damn good song on it's own.  Mr. Young is a craftsman.  

Bed Of Roses - The Statler Brothers.  There's just something soulful about The Statler Brothers.  The hint of subversion was way before the time.  Stellar.

Don't Let Go - Ratt.  Another reason why Infestation is one of the best Ratt albums.  Metal with a pop sensibility.  Gonna go ahead and declare Ratt as the pinnacle "hair metal" band of the era.  Yay!

Higher Than God - King's X.  Another superb Shuffle tonight.  Every kind of music that's worth listening to is represented.  This has always been one of my favorite King's X songs, a great example of the essence of the band.  Experimental, bass driven, great harmonies...  

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