Hearing The White Messiah Talk Will Fill Your Soul Full Of Grace - Wednesday

Kept My Soul - The Black Crowes.  For a straight up blues album, I'm digging the hell out of Before The Frost.  There is a Southern swing that trumps my usual disdain for the blues.  Hell, I'm liking it more than most Allman Brothers and Skynyrd songs.  Maybe living in the south is changing my very essence.  I hope not.  It's likely just a temporary shift in musical tastes.

Grace - U2.  Not a huge fan of recent U2 but this isn't terrible.  Actually, I'm kinda glad this album is back in the rotation.  Seems like this temporary shift in musical tastes is letting some good things in that I used to pass off as shit.

New Age Messiah - Edguy.  I've had this CD for months but haven't listened.  It sounds like something Bill & Ted would love.  There are elements of Trans Siberian Orchestra and a happy sounding Iron Maiden.  Not enough for me to like it though.  I'd sooner eat a turd biscuit than intentionally listen to this again.

White - The Cult.  I've always loved this song.  It's got that huge cinematic sound without being obnoxious or forced.  Might be the best song on Ceremony.  If you ever want to see a fat, coked up 50-year-old get winded while dancing around, go see The Cult.  Ian is a great singer and an unintentionally wonderful entertainer.  Billy Duffy is spot on awesome though.

Let's Talk About Cars - The Butthole Surfers.  Fun noise with French people talking.  The best line of the song is "goodbye sleeves".  I'd love to jettison sleeves and let the world see my magnificent guns every day.  I save that for the club.

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