Halloween On Galapagos Will Be The End Of Living For Some - Monday Shuffle

Halloween - Helloween.  See that?  The band's name is HELLoween.  It's not Halloween because Halloween isn't evil enough without some embellishment.  These guys should have spent some time trying to find their own sound instead of nicking Iron Maiden and Megadeth.  They could have been really good.  13 minutes of this is excruciating. 

Living La Vida Loca - Gypsy Pistoleros.  Sounds like a demo.  Even at that, it's the best demo ever recorded.  You should buy this on iTunes right now.  Don't steal it.  Buy it.

Galapagos - Smashing Pumpkins.  Always liked this song but haven't listened too much.  I was more of a disc 2 guy when it comes to Mellon Collie, rarely broke out disc 1.  Funny how that kind of stuff mattered in the 90's.

Ends - Everlast.  I would rob your mother, Everlast, for my ends.  I'd rat snitch on your skank ass too.  Word.  Nahh, I'm just kidding E.  You my homie.  We tight....  Or are we?????  I heard you had beef wit my style and swag.  Watch your back, bitch.

Sometimes - King's X.  This is dirty and lean King's X.  Definitely worth a listen or two.  Make that a lifetime of occasional listens.  This is on point, son.

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